An Essential Guide To A Safe And Legal Abortion


Making any life-changing decision could include big emotions and, in some cases, a heartache that no one can seem to console. Unfortunately, this is also the case for a woman that chooses to undergo an abortion.

Many people are against the practice. Because of this, women who undergo this procedure don’t receive the emotional and other types of support they deserve from their loved ones during this difficult time.

There are various personal reasons why a woman would choose to have an abortion. And, instead of going to a facility that could put their lives in danger, they should seek a safe and legal way of doing it. One can start with the essential guide below.

Understand The Process

Abortion is no joke, and no one should take it lightly. Knowing all the information and details about the process will help any patient make an informed choice to ensure the best outcome.

If you or someone you know is planning to have an abortion in Florida or anywhere else in the world, the first thing to do is to contact a reputable, licensed clinic. A professional facility and staff will properly guide you through the process, answer all your questions, and give you the best advice and resources for your unique situation.

Listen to your doctor and follow their instructions. Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know the specifics of the procedure. 

Find The Correct Method

There are two main methods of having a safe abortion, and you should discuss this with the clinic. One way could terminate an early pregnancy, while the other one may be secure for pregnant women up to 20 weeks.

Pregnant women up to ten weeks can use medication that’ll induce labor and see the fetus essentially being born prematurely. Women take the drug orally, meaning they can swallow it, but they need to be supervised by the clinic staff when taking the pill. The clinic staff will then support the women through the rest of the process until they deliver the fetus and the placenta.

A suctioning procedure is the second option for pregnancies over ten weeks, but less than 20 weeks. Doctors will prepare the patient by doing a sonogram to confirm the age of the pregnancy, and then administer an internal exam to ensure that the person is healthy. The patient will then receive a pain relief medication or something to calm their anxiety before the procedure starts. 

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A medical professional will insert a suctioning catheter through the cervix into the uterus, and then suction out all of the cells related to the pregnancy. When they complete the procedure, the patient will go to a recovery room to monitor their condition until the doctor deems them fit for discharge.

Patients should decide as to which procedure they want to undergo after the physician explains all the pros and risks of both options.

Ensure The Clinic Is Professional

Abortion clinics should be professional and have a license to safely and legally perform an abortion. They should also offer other related services, like counseling and after-care programs and checkups.

If a particular clinic doesn’t comply with the region’s law and doesn’t provide post-operation support, consider these as red flags and as a sign that it’s time to search for a more legitimate facility.

Have A Support System

Going through the abortion process is easily one of the most challenging situations a woman would ever have to face. Thus, your mental health should also be prioritized. You can keep this aspect of your well-being in check by having a strong support system. But, if you can’t find this with your family and friends, go find a circle of like-minded people who’ll constantly remind you that everything will turn out great. You can join in-person and online support groups or forums that won’t make you feel bad about having an abortion. 

Furthermore, having a support system is a must; otherwise, you’ll become highly susceptible to post-abortion syndrome, similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

To Conclude

There are various reasons a woman would opt to have an abortion, and it could be for medical reasons, among others. One of the main things you ought to remember as a patient is to ensure that the clinic you choose offers adequate support before, during, and after the procedure. Also, your chosen facility and its personnel must be licensed and professional

Although the process seems relatively straightforward, it may be highly challenging for the patient to go through it. Thus, a strong support system is needed for you to safely navigate this journey.