Elite Conditioning: Advice for Wrestlers in Training

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Wrestling can be a great way to stay fit and challenge yourself, and facing your opponent in the ring can be a lot of fun as well as an exhilarating experience, particularly in front of a cheering crowd. While the latter certainly represents the more glamorous side of this sport, that doesn’t mean those hours of intensive training to keep your strong and safe when wrestling isn’t crucial. It will take determination to keep going when you’re training as a wrestler, but the payoff will be worth it in the end. Below are a few quick tips to help wrestlers who may be new to the sport. 

Stay Disciplined

Indeed, life can’t be all work and no play, but if you want to perform at your best when you step into the ring, you need to be sure you are staying disciplined when it comes to your training. Set out a daily routine that is realistic to help you stay motivated and to make sure that you are keeping up with your workouts. How many hours a day you put in will depend a lot on your training goals and whether you’re doing this for fun or professionally, but 4-6 hours a day could be a good number to work with at the beginning. Of course, you will need some rest days in the week for your body to recover, so factor them into your routine as well.

Strength Training

This is a vital part of your training if you want to be at your best as a wrestler. Strength training isn’t just about looking hench when you’re in the ring. It’s more about being able to perform safely when you’re in there. Strength training can help reduce injuries to joints, and your muscles will be stronger and less prone to injury. All this training is necessary for it when you’re lifting your opponent, jumping from the ropes, or whatever stunts you’re pulling. Lifting barbells can help work your triceps, biceps, chest, and shoulder muscles, but you should also be sure to use kettlebells in your strength training. They’re great because you can use them in a variety of exercises that will benefit different muscle groups, making them versatile pieces of equipment. Look at these kettle bell weights so that you can start using them at home as part of your training routine. 

Cardio Exercises

Strength training is crucial for wrestlers, but that doesn’t mean cardio isn’t important. This can help you keep up momentum when you’re in the ring by building your overall stamina, which is particularly useful if you frequently perform in matches. Try to incorporate cardio into your daily training, maybe for an hour or so as part of your routine. You can mix up your cardio workouts too, if you want to keep things more interesting, such as going swimming instead of running one day.

These are just some basic tips to help you start training as a wrestler, and make sure you keep them in mind when you start to get into your routine to improve your performance.