Elderberry Syrup by Pure Monday Review

Happy woman

I work as a bank manager, but can’t say in which. And here is the story, I want to share. In April, just after all this pandemic thing began. Many employees were sent to work remotely from home. But our Florida branch continued to operate on a limited basis. And I was one of those, who had to go to the office every day. I was very worried about how it can affect my health and the health of my family, son and husband. After all, I had to contact different people on a daily basis. So I started to read a lot to find how to protect myself from the virus, and recover if I got sick. Of course, I wore a mask and gloves every day. I also processed open body surfaces with a sanitizer. But I think that it is almost impossible to defend against the virus, as it is very small and can be anywhere. I think the main protection of our families is not distances from each other and not masks, but a strong immunity.

I eat healthy food and do morning exercises daily. And recently I’ve decided to add elderberry supplement to my diet. I bought 2 bottles on Amazon. 

I began to take it according to the instructions, 1 dropper 4 times a day. 

I admit it was a bit difficult, since I forgot to do it from time to time. But I wanted to be healthier and have strong immunity. Therefore, I’ve puted reminders on the phone and every time it rang, I took 1 dropper along with tea, coffee or water. The taste of this syrup is almost neutral, but a bit sweet. And It is not noticeable in drinks.

I took this supplement every day for a week, and measured the result. Now I am absolutely sure that it works, I began to feel better, to wake up better in the morning. My mood has improved. And most importantly, the sense of security somewhere inside me has appeared. Now I’m not afraid to go to the office every day and contact with people. I still wear a mask and gloves, but now I have extra protection. After 2 weeks, I bought 4 more bottles for my son and husband. My son is 8 years old. I’ve asked support team on the Pure Monday’s website and they assured me, that this product can be taken by children.I stir the elderberry syrup with juice for my son. And my husband just take it with water. He puts Elderberry Syrup directly onto his tongue, as he says, that it tastes good. I carry the bottle with me in my bag everywhere I go. It is tightly closed and does not spill. It is convenient to measure the daily rate with a dropper.

I’ve decided to share this, because I want more people to be healthier, and this pandemic could end asap.