Do Breasts go back to Normal After Implant Removal?

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Breast implants are cosmetic procedures performed by a plastic surgeon. The implants give your breast your desired look, shape, and volume. However, you might consider breast implant removal, and you’ll want to know if it’s possible to restore your normal breast.

Do breasts go back to normal after implant removal?

After breast implant removal, your breast will have stretched skin and the implant weight will cause sagging. Also, factors such as weight gain will increase your breast size more than what it previously was before the implant. Fortunately, you can restore your normal and natural breast appearance with the proper procedures. These methods include:

Breast lifting

You can undergo breast lifting to address the issue if your breast sags after implant removal. Breast implant removal makes your breasts stretch and usually sag. If such an appearance is not for you, ask your surgeon about having a breast lift to solve the issue.

Breast reduction

Usually, your breast will sag after a breast implant removal. You’ll then have to consider a breast reduction procedure to restore your breast’s shape and size. Depending on your comfort, the process can occur under general anesthesia or IV sedation. An incision is made under your breast or around the areola. That will remove excess tissue and reshape your breasts.

Fat grafting       

Fat grafting is your ideal choice if you want a natural increase in breast size after the implant removal. It’s a procedure that transfers excess fat cells from other body parts to your breasts. After fat grafting, your breasts will increase in size and look more natural than implants.

Flap reconstruction

Sometime after breast implant removal, you might experience an asymmetry issue. If that happens, you can resolve it by undergoing tissue reconstruction. The process takes tissues from parts of your body to reconstruct your chest tissue. The process is beneficial since the appearance of your breast will be restored without adding foreign material to your body.

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Internal bra technique

Bra technique is a surgical term that means supporting your breast internally to enable controlling breast position and shape. The internal bra technique solves complications from breast implant removal or poor implant positioning. Again, the technique complements breast lifting in supporting your lifted breast tissue.

Why consider breast implant removal?

 After the breast implant, fibrous tissues will form around the breast to hold the implant. Over time, the tissue hardens and becomes dense. This condition is known as capsular contracture, and it would be wise to perform breast implant removal to address it.

  • Animation deformity

When just a portion of your breast muscle covers your implant, the implant becomes unstable.

  • Pain or discomfort

Breast pain or discomfort is a valid reason to undergo breast implant removal.

  • Lifestyle change

Lifestyle changes such as age might make you consider breast implant removal. As changes occur in your life, you’ll want to remove or replace your implant to adapt to those changes.


When considering explant surgery, it’s essential to know whether you can restore your normal breasts. Remember, your breasts might sag or have an undesired shape after implant removal. But you don’t have to fret! Getting your normal breasts back with the above surgical procedures after breast implant removal is possible.