Do all-on-four dental implants feel natural?

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If you are suffering with mass tooth loss all 4 dental implants are a viable and effective solution. 

The next best thing to natural teeth, dental implants, come with limitless benefits. They allow people to eat and speak normally once again, help recover fallen face shapes, which include unnatural bowing or drooping, and boost the patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence. 

With an estimated 10,000 dental implants now placed per year, their popularity shows no signs of slowing down.  

Despite this, potential patients are worried about how all on four dental implants feel once implanted in the mouth. They are concerned that the implants might feel unnatural and due to their permanence, it is an understandable concern. 

So, do all four implants feel natural? 

Will my all on 4 implants feel unnatural in the mouth? 

As with all things, after surgery day, the mouth is likely to be sensitive and may feel different to normal once your implants are fitted. This is unavoidable and completely to be expected. 

It’s similar to how the mouth felt different when you lost a tooth as a child. You prodded the gap and initially, it felt huge, but after a few days, you barely thought about it, and it was forgotten.  

As your mouth recovers and adjusts to your all-on-four implants, this will happen again. All-on-four dental implants are designed and constructed to look and feel natural in the mouth and just as you stopped noticing those missing teeth, you’ll soon stop noticing your all on four implants.  

This real- feel is down to a few key factors, which include:

  • Rapid oral healing 
  • The permanent nature of the implants
  • Gum sensation

Rapid healing after all on four dental implant surgery

The lining of the mouth is permanently primed for healing and actually has a healing capacity that is ten times faster than that of the skin, according to New Scientist. This means that after an invasive treatment, such as receiving all-on-4 dental implants, your mouth will heal incredibly rapidly. 

You will also find that after a brief recovery period, your tongue and lips will have learnt the new layout of your mouth, allowing you to eat, speak, and socialise exactly as you did before.  

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Immobile, permanent all on 4 dental implants

Smile-in-a-day clinics across the UK differ in how they install the prosthesis. 

After the dental screw has been installed on surgery day, some clinics use temporary dentures instead of fitting a temporary prosthesis. This can be uncomfortable for patients as they are not fitted into the jaw, allowing them to move and slip, hindering normal speaking and eating patterns. 

Clinics that instead use a provisional prosthesis on surgery day have much more success creating a natural mouthfeel. 

If a provisional prosthesis is fitted, the mouth’s tongue, lips, and other soft tissues will quickly heal and get used to the new layout in the mouth, allowing you to talk, eat, and socialise normally after a brief period of adjustment.  

As such, it is better for patients, if possible, to have a provisional prosthesis fitted on surgery day, even if it is eventually to be replaced by a final, definitive prosthesis. The provisional and definitive prostheses are shaped similarly and more importantly, are fitted to the jaw, helping them to feel much more natural. 

The feeling is maintained through the gums 

Unlike your natural teeth, all-on-four dental implants are not able to connect to your nerves, which people may worry will remove essential sensations such as heat, pressure, and coldness. 

However, the nerves in the gum and tongue remain, allowing patients to still feel these important mouth sensations, and helping dental implants to feel even more like natural teeth.  

Find all on 4 dental implants today 

If you have mass tooth loss or severe gum disease, all four dental implants are a simple and effective way to restore not only your smile but your self-confidence too, now is the best time to seek dental implants Dubai.

Gone are the days of hiding away and avoiding eating in public, you can enjoy being out in the world again, with your restored smile on view for all to see. 

Why not use the new year as an opportunity for self-improvement and look into all-on-four dental implants today?