How Dentists Are Using Modern Technology to Make Your Experience More Enjoyable – Try This Dentist in Cary, NC


Not so long ago, a visit to the dentist would be the cause of immense dread and fear to many. But thanks to advances in technology, people have a better experience and even look forward to their dentist appointments. 

Dreadful equipment and sharp objects have become obsolete overnight and, in their stead, less intimidating equipment that are not as invasive or painful.

This article uncovers the latest introductions to dentist equipment and how they might influence your next dentist appointment. You can contact this dentist in Cary, NC to ensure a pleasant experience when it comes to your teeth.

1. Electronic Dental Health Records

Modern dentist offices provide a personalized experience by creating and storing a digital file of your dental records. This makes it very convenient when you consider ease of access especially in cases where patients need immediate dental care following an accident. 

Comprehensive information regarding your dental visits can help dentists make the correct diagnosis and take immediate action. 

2. Laser Dentistry Technology

Laser dentistry comes with a host of benefits compared to the old way of using the scalpel. For instance, using a scalpel to treat gum disease is very discomforting for the patient and increases the chances of damaging healthy tissue. 

Laser dentistry, on the other hand, is incredibly accurate as it targets only the diseased tissues leaving healthy tissue untouched. The process is swift and almost painless, with fast recovery times. 

3. Advanced Sedation Options

Advanced sedation options mean that dentists can help patients manage pain better through dental procedures. Patients no longer have to grind their teeth or clench their fists in pain. 

Modern sedation options include:

  • Use of Nitrous Oxide: It’s administered via a face mask to give patients a relaxed sensation.
  • Oral conscious sedation: It’s a pill that takes you to a dream-like state where you feel relaxed taking your mind off the procedure once ingested. 
  • IV sedation: It refers to intravenous medication that makes you drowsy and relaxed during the dental procedure. It’s used to give patients deeper sedation without using anesthesia that might have some effects. 
Fear of the dentist

4. Intraoral Cameras and LED Headlamps  

Intraoral cameras and LED headlamps have revolutionized how dentists go about their job. For starters, LED headlamps are attached to magnifying dental glasses that make dentists observe every single detail in the patient’s oral cavity without shining the light into your eyes.

Intraoral cameras increase the dentist’s level of precision because they take live recordings of the patient’s dental area. It also helps them see things that they would have missed using their naked eyes. 

All in all, the intraoral cameras and LED headlamps give the dentist a clear picture of what’s going on, enabling them to make an accurate diagnosis

To Sum It Up

There are continuous improvements in the dental health sector that promise to make people’s dental experience more enjoyable and almost painless. 

Visiting the dentist no longer has to be a traumatizing event like it used to be. As such, make sure you work with this dentist in Cary, NC, who has embraced modern technology and apply it in their daily practice for the best results for yourself and your family.