How Dental Implants In Burlington Improve Your Quality Of Life

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One of the patients’ top concerns when they visit their dentists is their missing teeth. The loss of teeth can be due to many factors, like age, oral hygiene, or the quality of dental services available in the area. Regardless of why the patient’s teeth are falling off, one thing is for sure; it’s not the most pleasing thing to go through. There’s that itch to cover that gap with artificial teeth, the best of which are dental implants.  

In case you’re still unfamiliar with them, dental implants are high-quality replacement teeth that mimic a real tooth’s feel, make, and structure. Right at the bottom is a titanium root, inserted into the bone, meant to support the main tooth itself or the crown, denture, or bridge.  

Dental implants can last a lifetime and have a tremendous positive impact on one’s quality of life when properly cared for. If you are in Burlington and are still hesitant about the positive impacts of dental implants, this article points out how they can improve your life.  

It Can Last Forever  

If the missing teeth have been bothering you, it’s time to give them some attention. You don’t have to suffer through poor self-esteem and feel so conscious about it now that there’s a permanent solution through dental implants. 

Talk about this with your dentist, and listen to what they say. By having dental implants in Burlington and taking good care of them, they can last through your lifetime. There’s no need for regular replacements, nor need to feel bothered about having a ‘foreign object’ in your mouth since they fit perfectly in your gums.  

It May Prevent Bone Loss 

When you lose teeth, the affected area also tends to lose bone mass. Remember that the jawbone needs the stimulation it receives when teeth connect to keep its mass.  

While there are many other tooth replacement options, dental implants in Burlington that offer this surgical option are the only ones that can replenish the jaw bone stimulation necessary to prevent bone loss. 

It Has An Improved Appearance 

One of the most life-changing benefits of dental implants is how they have a much-improved appearance than other types of tooth replacement. Individuals you’re talking to may not even know that what you have are implants if you don’t mention them. It looks realistic and is designed to blend in very well with your other teeth. 

It Enables You To Retain Your Face Shape And Smile 

Missing teeth also leads to one more negative effect. Your face will look saggy and sunken. If you notice this change beginning to happen, take this as a sign to consult your dentist about the possibility of having dental implants done. 

Dental implants fill those gaps and missing spaces in your gums. In the long run, you’re also better able to retain your face shape and smile. 

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It Helps Prevent The Onset Of Cavities 

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth also lose a part of what was helping hold them in place. This gives so much room for the surrounding teeth to lean towards the empty space or, over time, become loose. 

When this happens, teeth shift, which means you’re more prone to losing even more teeth. Another direct result is you’re also at a higher risk for tooth decay. Crooked and loose teeth give a lot more space for plaque, dirt, bacteria, and food residue to settle. When not properly cleaned, this leads to cavity build-up, hurting your oral and overall health. 

It Improves Your Ability To Chew 

Beyond the aesthetic-related effects of missing teeth are the functional effects, which are much more critical. Teeth are there for an important reason: to chew food and aid in eating. The more teeth you’ve lost, the higher your inability to chew and eat well, which could also affect your nutrition levels. 

If you’ve only been eating soft food because chewing food is now difficult, schedule an appointment with your dentist for dental implant surgery. It’s a life-changing decision now that you don’t have to deprive yourself of all the food you’ve been missing out on just because it was so hard to chew. 

It Feels Very Much Like Real Teeth

There are many tooth restorations, but nothing compares with dental implants when it comes to the implant’s feel. This means that, unlike other treatments, your adjustment after the dental implant procedure won’t be as challenging. Your life can go as normal as if you don’t have any fake teeth. 

There are no limitations on what you can do or eat because you have dental implants. You’ll only have to keep up with regular dental visits to maintain its quality.

The Bottomline  

Modern-day technology is changing lives for the better. Healthcare is improving with advanced machines, treatment forms, and other medical-related facets like dental care. Taking care of one’s overall health should include paying attention to oral health, so those semi-annual visits to the dentist are called for. If needed, your dentist may recommend adding dental implants. Although it may entail quite an expense and the whole process may make you anxious, dental implants are always worth it. Considering the points mentioned above, it is evident that dental implants can improve your quality of life.