Dental implantation in Ukraine – myths and reality


According to dentists, many patients are still afraid of such an operation as dental implantation in Ukraine, because they believe in common myths believing that it is too painful, expensive and unsafe.

Most of these rumors are based on long-outdated data, and some of them are not based on anything at all. Because of the fear of any, even minor, surgical intervention, people begin to believe a variety of stories about unpredictable and unexpected consequences after dental implants.

Here are some of the main myths that have been made up about this method of restoring teeth.

Myth #1. Implant placement causes severe pain

This statement is absolutely incorrect since the bone tissue doesn’t have any nerve endings. Neither during the installation nor during the engraftment of the artificial root into the bone, there are no painful sensations.

To anesthetize the mucous membrane, the most modern and reliable anesthesia (local or general anesthesia) is used, after which the gum is being incised carefully.

Reviews indicate that after the operation when the anesthesia ceases to act, slight pain may be felt at the site of suturing, but it can be eliminated by taking the usual painkillers. In addition, the incision, as a rule, has a length of no more than 1 cm, so healing is quick and painless if the patient follows all the recommendations of a specialist. 

Myth #2. Dental implantation has many contraindications, so it is not suitable for most people

The medical field, including dentistry, is successfully developing and has reached such heights that there are practically no contraindications to the installation of implants.

If earlier, due to a lack of bone tissue at the site of implantation of an artificial root, doctors offered another way to restore teeth, but now this problem is easily eliminated. In addition, most experts believe that dental implantation, on the contrary, gives impetus to the development of bone tissue.

Indications for postponing the implantation of the implant may be some diseases: high blood pressure, malignant neoplasms, a serious metabolic failure, but after their correction, implantation is possible. Such an operation is performed at almost any age, even in elderly patients. The only exceptions are children and teenagers under 18 years of age.

Myth #3. Dental implantation takes a long time to go through and for many months you will need to hide your smile.

Of course, dentistry has not yet reached such a level as to fully restore a lost tooth in one day.

For successful and effective treatment, you will have to be patient and strictly follow the recommendations of an implant specialist. For example, in the lower jaw, the engraftment of an artificial root occurs within 2-3 months, but in the event that it is not necessary to build up bone tissue in the area of ​​​​its installation. The chosen implant system also makes difference.

After tooth extraction, it is not necessary to walk with a “hole” in your mouth; a temporary crown can be installed on a newly implanted implant.

dental implants

Myth #4. Installing implants in Kiyv are expensive – the procedure is available only to rich people

As with many other treatments, including dental implants, prices decrease over time. Now you can buy both exclusive and expensive implants, as well as quite budget analogs. In addition, a titanium rod is installed for life, and its cost is not much higher than that of a metal-ceramic bridge.

Moreover, implantation in Ukraine will cost you approximately 3 to 4 times less than in United Stated or even European countries. The way how the medical system works and the overall cost of labor makes all the difference in expenses, but not quality.

Myth #5. Dental implantation in Ukraine cannot be carried out efficiently and effectively

This is a common belief of most people that everything is worse in their own country than abroad. Such prejudice exists all over the world, for example, American citizens believe that they can get the best treatment only in European countries, and Ukrainians believe that medicine is better developed in the United States or Israel.

Implantation in Kyiv has long become a common and standard operation to restore lost teeth, and the level of qualification of local specialists is at high enough level to ensure the quality and safety of artificial root implantation in 98-99% of cases.

The installation of implants in Ukraine in 2021 is a reliable and cost-efficient method of treatment. The installed rod is invisible to the patient and replaces the real tooth fully. Unlike a prosthesis, an implant will never pop out, food remains do not accumulate under it and it does not require special care, except for the usual brushing of teeth twice a day, the use of an irrigator and an examination by a dentist once every six months.