5 Benefits of Consulting With a Doctor Online


Telemedicine and online medical consultation are two new trends in the medical industry. The convenience of this tendency, which is also known as “distance healthcare” nowadays, became increasingly well-known during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many individuals tried to stay at home as much as they could. But the question on many minds is still whether consulting with a doctor online is as beneficial as having an in-person visit. While nothing can entirely replace in-person visits, telemedicine has its perks and unique benefits. Here are just a few of them. 

Prompt Medical Attention

When it comes to many medical concerns, timing can make the difference between life and death.The earlier you detect a condition, the better your chances of a positive outcome. These days, many hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. Also, they are being cautious about the patients they admit because of the way the virus spreads. That means that it could take a while to book an appointment, get confirmation of a date and eventually see a doctor. 

With online doctors, however, you can book an appointment and see the doctor that same day. All you need is a phone, tablet, or laptop and a good internet connection. A great online doctor service can provide you with a full suite of services, including writing prescriptions, providing medical certificates, scheduling lab tests, offering second opinions or diagnoses, and referrals to specialists. Many concerns related to travel medicine and WINZ Forms can also be dealt with online.

No Need to Travel

There’s no need for you to book a visit and drive to a hospital or clinic to get medical attention with virtual consultations. Right from the comfort of your home, even from your sofa or bed, you can talk to a certified and licensed doctor who can help you with your medical needs. This reduces the risk and cost of traveling to a medical facility, especially if you are unwell. Besides, with the increasing cases of COVID-19, governments are advising people to reduce their movement and use virtual solutions as much as possible. 

Cost Savings

According to the Health Affairs Journal, you save nearly $90 each time you consult with an online doctor. With doctor visits costing more than $120 each, depending on the concern, virtual doctors are a cost-effective option. If you don’t have health insurance, an online doctor is your best bet. 

An online consultation can cost anywhere from $10 to $60. With the company Bettr, for example, online doctors charge just $10 for registered patients, $49 for non-registered patients, and there is no charge for patients under the age of 14. In addition, you save the cost on the gas you would need to drive to a hospital or clinic, which can add up if you live in a rural area. All in all, consulting with an online doctor is better economically. 


Sometimes, in order to see a doctor at the available time, you need to take time off work or school to get there. If you have kids, you may need to hire a babysitter to attend the appointment. Even when you eventually get to the clinic or hospital, you might have to wait for a while before your consultation begins. All these things take time from your day that can be very inconvenient, especially if you have a busy schedule. 

Online consultations, on the other hand, are convenient and easy to schedule. You can schedule a consultation for a time that works with your schedule, without having to change your routine or make adjustments.

Access to the Best Doctors

A good online doctor service may allow you to consult with a doctor of your choosing. Typically, they’ll have a lineup of several doctors and experts available to choose from. That makes it easy to access doctors that you would otherwise need to pay more to see, or go through a hectic booking process to consult with. As long as it’s not an emergency situation, online doctors can help. They can see patients regarding a wide variety of issues, including allergies and allergic reactions, rashes, itchy skin and skin problems, respiratory problems, coughs, cold and flu, medical certificates, online prescriptions and more.

Preparing for an Online Consultation

Online consultations are often brief, so you have to prepare adequately. First, choose a location in your home that has good lighting and adequate space. During your online consultation, the doctor may require you to make some gestures or movements. Furthermore, make sure you have your medical records on hand. Be ready to answer any questions the doctor may have about your medical history and previous conditions. 

Meeting with a doctor online is a common and convenient way to seek medical attention in today’s modern world. Be sure to check out some services near you the next time you need to see a doctor.