Common Health Concerns From Beauty Treatments And How To Avoid Them

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The cosmetics and cosmetic treatment industry is surprisingly unregulated. While products and procedures are tested for effects on the skin, they are hardly ever tested for long-term effects and overall health effects. 

Many beauty products are full of chemicals and carcinogens that can raise health concerns significantly with use over time.

Whether these are procedures or beauty products, you may soon find yourself getting hooked on something and adding it to your daily routine. 

In an industry like this, it is important to know the common health concerns you may be exposing yourself to and how you can avoid them. 

Botox Injections

If you have ever watched reality shows that show the richest of the rich, you are no stranger to the botox industry and its prevalence. Botox has become so widely accepted that botox parties have become a famous thing among those who can afford it.

Botox procedures involve injecting skin areas with the botulinum toxin that prevents the targeted muscle from moving, essentially paralyzing it for a limited period. This paralyzation is the reason why botox is used to decrease wrinkles, especially near the eyes and mouth.

While botox has become safer as more clinics uphold the highest sanitization standards, the side effects from the injection do deter people from trying it out.

Regular injection side-effects such as pain and swelling are consistent with botox injections too, however, muscle paralyzation can cause loopy effects on your face. For example, a drooping eyelid or a crooked smile can be quite apparent.

You can also temporarily lose the ability to control some of your muscles causing some level of discomfort and awkwardness. 

Implant Surgery

Implant surgery comes in many forms but the most famous types of implants are breast implants and buttock implants. 

Any medical surgery causes side effects but usually the overall health needs of a patient prompt them to overlook them. 

Exposing yourself to dangerous surgeries and their side effects only for cosmetic reasons is a big decision and should not be made lightly. 

You should try all the natural and non-invasive ways to achieve the desired results before committing to a surgical approach.

Getting implants can cause concerns such as excessive pain, bruising, scarring, cysts, depression, weight fluctuations, and even implant leakage. You can easily avoid these risks by trying to replicate the results in natural ways.

For example, exercises such as squats and chest presses can help you add more muscle to specific areas of your body. Moreover, exercising regularly will automatically make you feel more put together as these surgical desires rise heavily out of a lack of self-confidence.

Consult a qualified doctor when making any decisions related to your body and cosmetic surgeries as they can help you through the decision-making process.

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Skin Darkening

One of the most famous skin procedures is a pigmentation change. People belonging to countries in the west who naturally have less melanin due to genetics and geography indulge in skin-darkening procedures such as visiting tanning booths.

On the other side of the world where more melanin is natural again due to genetics and geography, skin whitening procedures are booming.

Both of these procedures have a high level of health risk and can damage parts of the skin’s layers permanently. For example, a common tanning solution during the summer is laying out on the beach for extended periods.

While this may be an enjoyable activity, it can be extremely harmful if the right summer skincare steps are not taken such as applying ample sunscreen every 60-120 minutes of sun exposure. Exposure to harmful UV rays is also one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

Skin Brightening

As mentioned above, white skin is sort of a standard of beauty when it comes to the east and people go to great lengths to achieve it, whether it is carrying umbrellas everywhere or investing large sums of money into skin whitening procedures.

These skin whitening or bleaching procedures are many times done using the help of a laser to deplete the amount of melanin in the skin. These procedures can have horrible side effects such as severe inflammation, unbearable pain, and even scarring.

Additionally, your skin can take almost six months to recover and can still be highly sensitive to the sun. 

The best way to avoid these side effects is to stay away from artificial procedures and apply sunscreen to prevent your skin from turning darker.

Dental Procedures

While dental procedures are usually associated with oral health issues and problems, cosmetic dentistry has also become quite popular. It includes many procedures that attempt to fix misshapen teeth, gaps, or even stained teeth. 

Since teeth whitening is highly trending, people often wonder: is teeth whitening safe

This procedure can have side effects that can range from teeth sensitivity and inflammation to even erosion of the enamel. As this procedure is also done using lasers, it can be quite harmful.

An easy way to avoid these problems is to opt for innovative risk-free at-home teeth whitening solutions such as Smile Brilliant’s custom teeth whitening trays.


All in all, there are many unnatural ways of achieving the “perfect” body and the “perfect” face, but it is important to remember the health concerns that come along with them.

While cosmetic treatments may be necessary in some cases, they are not always the best solution. So make sure to take your time and consult your doctor. Try talking to someone you trust and get their opinion.

More often than not, the issues that we think are huge can be minor in someone else’s view. Most people don’t care at all about the things that you are insecure about and they hardly even notice them.

What’s most important is that you find your beauty within yourself and try to live a healthy life. 

If you do decide to get a procedure done, make an informed decision about its effects without being pressurized by societal norms.