What To Consider When Choosing The Best Calcium Tablet

Pills - Photo by: Amanda Hatfield

Calcium is an important nutrient that boosts human health. In one way or another, almost every cell in the human body uses this mineral, making it crucial for our wellbeing. However, a common misconception is that calcium is only required for strong bones and teeth. Did you know that your nervous system uses calcium? Even the heart also uses it to maintain its function. 

Whenever your body is not getting enough of this vital substance, it can begin to feed on the calcium in the bones, causing serious issues such as bone fragility or osteoporosis which aren’t good for the human body.

How can the human body get enough Calcium?

Most of the time, you can assimilate enough calcium from your diet, but as the body ages, its ability to absorb it from food diminishes. This mean that the body will end up consuming more calcium from the bones. This is one of the contributing factors of Osteoporosis, especially for aged people. 

However, to prevent this issue, many people have decided to take calcium tablets to build the levels of this mineral in their bodies. These tablets are referred to as supplements and they are very effective. Now, the big problem is, how can you know which one is the right supplement for you?

Consider is your age and the amount of calcium it needs

When taking calcium supplements, your age should be of utmost importance because the amount of this substance needed by an older body is quite different from what a younger one needs. In case you are not so sure about this, you should see a doctor, as they are the ones in the best position to tell you what’s the right amount of calcium intake your body needs. If you take an excess of it, side effects can be very serious, so always seek a professional’s opinion, first.


Can your body system tolerate the supplement?

This can only be discovered if you have either tried the calcium supplement at some point or if you got tested by a doctor. If you take the right amount and avoid excess, there are little to no side effects to calcium tablets. But if your body can not tolerate the specific calcium type you are taking then it might lead to bloating, gas, or even constipation. You can decide to try your hands on a few brands of calcium to know which one your body can tolerate. 

Are you on any medications?

Which prescription medication you are taking is also an important factor you need to consider before opting for calcium supplements. Although in most cases they do not interact in a significant way with most medications , it’s always better asking your doctor to avoid unnecessary adverse reactions, interactions, and side effects. 

Put quality and cost into consideration

While there are a broad range of supplements in the market, you need to take the quality of any calcium brands you are settling for into consideration. Most supplements and other medications pass through the FDA to be tested before they can be released to the market. If you get any brand that has been tested, then know that the quality will be top-notch. Since there are different brands, there are also different prices, you can choose for the one with a convenient price since you might be taking it for a longer time. 

If you decide to settle for calcium supplements, then be sure to put all of these factors listed above into consideration. This way, you’ll find the right type of tablet, the one with the best quality, and the one that will give your body the right amount of calcium it needs.