5 effective ways in which CBD can help you with your sleep disorder

Cannabis CBD

Sleep disorders have plagued humankind with all sorts of infirmity. More than 70 million people suffer from sleep-related diseases in the United States of America. Due to a fast-paced life, people are leading these days; sleep has slipped past their priorities, which have had direct consequences on their well-being.

Proper sleep cycles are essential to maintain normal body vitals. It helps the body cope up with everyday mental and physical stress and helps recuperate for the subsequent day. Proper sleep plays a vital role in the growth of the brain and neural functions as well.

A sleep disorder can hence have grave implications on one’s health. Recently, novel research and experiments have shown that CBD or cannabinoids derived from cannabis plants can help people with their sleep disorders.

Although these studies are still in their preliminary phases, CBD has given people a glimmer of hope to sleep better. Products such as CBD oils and extracts readily available on the market have made it a much more feasible option to consider as a treatment.

To understand more in detail as to how CBD can help ease the symptoms of different sleep disorders, here is a list of 5 different ways it helps people sleep.

Reduced time to fall asleep

People suffering from various sleep disorders often complain that it takes them more than an eternity to fall asleep. This might occur due to a variety of reasons but is majorly attributed to the inactive sleep-inducing hormones.

Cannabinoids are known to activate these sleep-inducing hormones. One such hormone that CBD controls for better sleep is melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for setting the body clock in accordance with the day and night time. Cannabinoids also bind with the CB1 sleep receptors, which are known to maintain the sleep cycle. With an adequately regulated period of sleep, the person can fall asleep quicker. Regular consumption of about 3mg of CBD oil or CBD edibles, therefore, might allow the person to fall asleep within minutes.  A product like CBDfx tincture is a mood lifter that helps you fall asleep better.

Suppressing anxiety during the night

Anxiety, like pain, is another primary reason why people do not catch up on good sleep at night. Anxiety-related uneasiness and discomfort, along with simultaneous mental strain, can leave people to fall short on their sleep for days altogether.

CBD, unlike traditional anti-anxiety drugs, has a very effective relief from anxiety. Without any significant side effects, CBD can help people become calm and collected during the night.

However, medical professionals and doctors recommend proper background research and prescription before treating sleep disorders with CBD. Your CBD oil should contain above-average levels of CBD. For a much more elucidated purpose, one can go to the numerous online web sources such as the Herbonaut to get a detailed insight.

A dosage of 2-5 mg per day might also help people with post-traumatic stress and anxiety by assisting them to recover faster.

Enhance sleep quality by reducing pain

The pain of any form, either mental or physical, is something that torments people and prevents them from getting good sound sleep at night. These pains often also lead to muscle stiffness as well as swelling at various junctions of the body.  However, CBD is known for its pain relief properties.

The cannabinoids identify the source of pain and work to suppress the pain rather than giving a sedative effect. Besides, it enhances the cognitive function of the neural network system in the body. Applying CBD oil at the target site has also helped people cope with the pain. Even in the dire cases of chronic pains and arthritis, CBD can help alleviate pain during the night.

Helps reducing inflammation in the body

Inflammation is a serious issue and is a threat not only to the regular sleeping cycles but also to the body’s immune system. Often, inflammation can occur due to a variety of reasons, including diabetes, viral, and bacterial infections, to name a few. Inflammation, along with pain arising from the symptoms, disrupt the sleep cycle to a considerable extent.

CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can soothe the pain and reduce the physical and mental discomfort that might arise. More often, CBD in the form of liquid either CBD based oils or ointments is applied in these cases. Even CBD edibles having a lower concentration of up to 0.1% can be ingested regularly. It can help deal with inflammation and strengthen the immune system with a supply of essential nutrients. This allows the person to fall asleep without having to face any trouble arising from the inflammations.

Regulate the sleep cycles to prevent somnolence

Well, balanced sleep cycles are vital for one’s health. One can sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. This irregular pattern can completely diminish the daily productivity of the person.

Also, such people become prone to insomnia. In opposition, CBD works on the systematic setting of the sleep cycles. It also regulates cortisol and other stress receptors, which play a vital role in this process. Over a longer period of treatment, CBD gradually restores the proper sleep patterns that the body needs. 


Often a dosage limit of 2-2.5 mg of CBD is prescribed to deal with a majority of the prevailing sleep disorders. In summary, CBD can help people dealing with different sleep disorders to effectively reduce the torment of their symptoms so that they can catch up on good sleep during the night.