CBD Basics – Guidelines and Advice

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With the number of Cannabidiol (CBD) producers increasing and the various products available on the market evolving on a daily basis, it is important to provide you with some clear guidelines and advice in this regard. This brief guide aims to inform and provide some insight that will allow you to understand the CBD market and products, but also how to choose a CBD product should you want to use one.

What can you use CBD for? 

It is now common knowledge that CBD has specific benefits. As with most herbal products that move into the mainstream, one must rely here on the comments and reviews of those who have used the products in question. But for low levels of stress, anxiety, and a variety of skin issues, CBD has proven to be of benefit. There are also those who swear by CBD oils and tinctures for pain and nausea relief associated with Cancer treatments. There are thus numerous and varied uses for CBD.

CBD products come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. Not all of them are the same, so it is important to read the label and know what it has been formulated for. If you are already taking or using something for a particular condition, ensure not to mix and match these supplements as there may be side effects.

Test skin and hair products on small areas, and if it’s edibles or capsules, start with the lowest dosage that you can and work your way up over time after establishing that there are no side effects. There are some excellent user guides out there provided by leaders in the field that are a good way to boost your knowledge on the subject.

CBD should also not be used on children younger than 18 without a doctor or specialist healthcare advice.

Check their legality where you are

Before you order anything, make sure that it is legal where you are. Considering how new some of these products are and the fact that there are some out there that do contain THC, make sure it’s legal where you are. The FDA has released several guidance papers as to the use and legality of CBD products, and it will be key to know what the position is in your State before you purchase and use these products. Generally, as long as the product in question does not contain more than 0.3 % of THC, then it is no longer regulated by the FDA and can be considered legal in the USA. It is thus vital to know what is in the CBD that you intend to purchase.

Check for purity and pedigree 

With the number of suppliers increasing and the fact that there are few who provide certification to the registered bodies or testing by external bodies. Look for a pure or natural form of the compound that has been tested and certified as pure. A great example of this is shown by herbalhealthcbd.co.uk who provides a certificate of ingredients for all their products that are tested externally. Look at the ingredients and see what is mixed with the CBD, as it will generally require a carrier oil. This must be natural and agreeable with your body. 

CBD is a new field of stress, anxiety relief, and skincare solutions. Although there have been some key areas of success, you need to start slowly with a reputable supplier who has some form of pedigree and positive reviews. The more information you have access to and read on the subject, the more likely you are to choose the right CBD solution for your particular issue.