CBD and Coffee: the Perfect Combination?


The morning ritual of a cup of coffee dates back centuries, yet its popularity has never been so high, with hundreds of different blends, roasts, origins and grinds for consumers to choose from. Whether drinking at home using instant granules, a Nespresso machine, a caffettiera or sampling a brew from one of the hundreds of independent and chain coffee shops that dominate the high street, there is no shortage of opportunity for coffee addicts to get their daily fix of caffeine.

So why is coffee so popular?

Perhaps the most obvious reason is the caffeine that is contained within the bean. Caffeine is a stimulant and is highly addictive, long term coffee users feel like they need the “buzz” from a cup of coffee to start the day right, no coffee fix and the day simply doesn’t feel the same to them. Another reason is definitely the social aspect. As the trend for drinking less alcohol has grown at a rapid rate, millennials still want to meet and socialize and coffee shops have proved to be the perfect location for this. Whether meeting a group of friends, having a work meeting, or even just a quick drink whilst using the wi-fi, coffee shops have the relaxed lounge-style vibe that makes them attractive and convenient places to visit.

On the back of millennials and younger consumers becoming more interested in coffee, there has been a growth in innovation to appeal specifically to them. One such innovation has been the creation of CBD Coffee which has combined the huge growth in popularity of the cannabis sativa extract with the ever-popular demand of the coffee bean product.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabidiol from the Cannabis plant, unlike the more well-known THC extract it does not get you high and most importantly is also fully legal in most countries. CBD is said to reduce anxiety and stress, help with pain relief and also help with good sleeping patterns.

So why combine them? The theory behind combining the two products is that whilst caffeine would still stimulate the brain of the consumer, the CBD would help reduce the related anxiety and stress levels and would also help with sleep later at night if too much caffeine was consumed later in the day.

Whilst the high street chains such as Starbucks still do not sell CBD infused drinks, this has opened up the door for smaller independent stores to sell the product and give consumers a wider choice of available products. The growth in popularity of this niche product has been phenomenal with an ever-increasing list of brands starting to create their own varieties of CBD coffee giving end-users a wide choice to choose from.

This has also led to the creation of cold brew coffees that are infused with CBD, giving another easier way for consumers to access the product. Whether just a plain americano or a latte the cold drinks are both canned or bottled and are often on the shelves of convenience stores and petrol stations, where customers are on the move and looking to get a drink on the go.

As the popularity of this product continues to grow, there is an expectation that the quality of the beans, roasting and the CBD will continue to rise as consumers will begin to demand a more exclusive and great tasting product and this can only be good news for the legions of coffee drinkers around the world.