Can dental health affect fertility?

Cosmetic Dentist

There are some pretty shocking ways that poor dental hygiene can affect your pregnancy and fertility. There’s a direct correlation between oral health and fertility in males and females. 

We’ve got the scoop on ways oral health impacts your overall health, including fertility. 

For men, poor oral health can reduce their sperm count and the sperm’s ability to swim. 

In women, bacteria triples the risk of infertility before pregnancy. The direct association between dental hygiene and fertility is another way teeth & gum health is tied to overall well-being.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a gum disease known as Periodontitis, which can also increase the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight babies. The bacteria that cause gum disease can also get into the bloodstream, increasing inflammation throughout the body, affecting the immune system, and compromising your ability to conceive.

The importance of dental health on pregnancy and even fertility cannot be overstated. Ultimately, a mother-to-be cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mouth. It’s a pretty remarkable cycle of cause and effect.
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