Can CBD Increase My Immunity? 3 Things To Know


In recent years, people have shifted towards alternative medications from prescribed ones. One of the primary reasons behind this is the side-effects of prescription-based drugs. Even though there are several alternate options of treatments, cannabidiol (CBD) is one popular option. This natural hemp-derived compound carries therapeutic and analgesic properties that can help in many ways. Furthermore, 2020 is the year of maintaining your immune systems to safeguard your health from coronavirus and other unknown microbes.

Renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers have conducted several studies on the substance. On the other hand, CBD gained significant ground after introducing the Farm Bill in 2018. Moreover, the natural remedy contains a minimal percentage of 0.3% THC. It allows CBD to produce soothing effects without making you experience a high associated with marijuana. Today’s market has several options for users in the shape of tinctures, oil, topicals, and best tasting CBD gummies.

Let us understand how this natural substance interacts with our body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) to strengthen the immune system.

Immune system and ECS

The ECS of our bodies helps in establishing and maintaining a balance, also reckoned as homeostasis. A body usually produces endocannabinoids that you require to regulate or modulate the cell functions. Such a process includes cells of the immune system. However, CBD is non-psychoactive and can help in maintaining a healthy immune system.

One of the proteins TRPV2 can facilitate cell communication with the extracellular environment. Such a process helps in strengthening the immune system. Moreover, CBD can activate TRPV2 and influence the TRP (transient receptor potential) channels. This can significantly support the immune system. There are three ways you can understand how CBD affects your immune system.

CBD can increase natural killer cells:

Some of the animal studies show that CBD can balance the immune system. And, that is by lowering the activities of B cells, T cells, and both T cytotoxic lymphocyte and T helper subsets. In this scenario, CBD can support the process of natural killer cells. These cells are a form of WBC (white blood cell).

The natural killer cells happen to play a significant role in processing your body’s response to a specific virus. This natural remedy has the potential to accommodate natural killer T cells’ activity. Furthermore, it shares the properties of T cells and NK cells. By the process of increasing the deployment of such cells, CBD can help in keeping your body away from illnesses. In simpler terms, the natural remedy may strengthen your body against external bodily issues. But, before incorporating CBD into your diet and lifestyle, consult your doctor.

CBD can support healthy inflammatory responses:

If you are familiar with CBD, you might know that it has anti-inflammatory properties. And, it can respond well to inflammation in various parts of the body. As seen in the animals, the natural substance can support healthy inflammatory responses amid the lungs. In such a process, CBD can also improve the functions of a mice’s lung exposed to lung irritants.

CBD can enhance markers of healthy lungs like decreased total lung elastance and resistance. Moreover, it can also improve lung tissue’s myeloperoxidase activity, leukocyte migration amid lungs, and protein concentration. The natural remedy can also help in maintaining cytokines’ and chemokines’ levels. Such a process can also assist the respiratory function.

CBD can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression:

The ongoing pandemic situation adds to the stress levels and affects our bodies in several harmful ways. Psychological stress is one that can affect your immune system. As a result, people are becoming more skeptical about the current trend and scenario. With anxiety disorders and increasing depression rates amongst human beings, CBD can play a vital role. This natural substance binds to the brain receptors and produces soothing effects. Furthermore, CBD can activate 5-HT1A serotonin receptors.

The stress-relieving properties found in CBD can also modulate the cerebral blood flow amid brain regions. Such a process helps in reducing anxiety and many other disorders that can impact the immune system. Depression, on the other hand, is a result of build-up. This build-up can lead to several chronic illnesses and disorders, harming the entire immune system. Even people with social anxiety can benefit from a substance like CBD. But, you need to consult an expert or a doctor before dosing on CBD. In case, you do not want the substance to interact with your blood, topicals and lotions are an ideal bet.


One of the significant reasons why the world is moving towards CBD is its healing properties. People are not only consuming the substance because of its state of origin but also because of its history. A substance like CBD can strengthen your immune system without producing a high or mind-altering effect.