Blue Goba Psilocybin Bars & Blue Goba Chocolates Reviewed

Blue Goba Psilocybin

This article focuses on generic psilocybin chocolate products and their effects. These delicious confections can have as much as 1000mg of psilocybin per treat, a compound found in magic mushrooms. They are a great option for experienced or new users of the mushroom and provide a moderate dose of the chemical.

Why Psilocybin in Chocolate?

Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound found in mushrooms. It is usually consumed orally and may also be added to teas and other foods. In recent years, the mushroom has gained popularity for microdosing, or taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs at intervals. This method is easier to do in chocolate than in raw psilocybin, and chocolate can be easier on the stomach.

Chocolate products containing it are available in many varieties, and prices can vary depending on the potency of the strain and the quality of the candy. Most chocolate bars containing it fall into the $20 to $40 price range. More expensive varieties are also available, including those containing lion’s mane, cordyceps, and mister mushies.

As with any psychedelic food product, it is important to do your research and shop only from authorized producers. Psilocybin candy products from Blue Goba can enhance a trip and help with the “coming down” process. Chocolate bars containing it are often divided into microdosed pieces, so consumers can control the amount they receive with each bite.

It is also best to avoid mixing it and marijuana-infused products. Chocolate products containing it can also increase the feeling of well-being. People who take it can expect to experience hallucinations and other physical effects. They can also experience changes in their heart rate, breathing, and mood. Psilocybin in candy products is a highly potent compound.

It has many long-term side effects. Using candy products containing it can help people overcome depression and other emotional problems. It can also be used to cope with the effects of cancer and other psychological distress. While it has been widely used for centuries, it is still illegal in many parts of the world.

However, recent legalization in Canada has made it legal for a small amount to be used for personal use. The US has tighter controls over the substance. A nurse from Indiana is currently awaiting sentencing after illegally growing it for personal use. This legal situation has led to an illegal black market for psilocybin-infused candy.



Psilocybin is a psychoactive drug that can alter a person’s perception and feelings. It affects the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that controls abstract thinking and thought analysis. It also regulates mood and perception. People who consume it report feeling altered, hearing sounds, and seeing colors.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University induced out-of-body experiences in healthy volunteers. Twelve months later, they re-assessed the volunteers and found that two-thirds rated the experience as one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. They also found that nearly half of the volunteers scored higher on a personality test.

While the effects of it are typically short-lived, some users have reported persistent hallucinatory perceptions. These may be linked to a disorder called hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). The brain is another area where its effects can last for a long time. It has been found to improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiety.

It can also increase the amygdala’s response to facial affect. In addition, it may enhance emotional plasticity. It can alter cognitive processes, such as those involved in emotion discrimination, emotion recognition, and emotional conflict. It may also reduce the response to negative affective stimuli. The results also point to a decrease in executive control.

However, the findings are still preliminary. The effects of it depend on the amount consumed and the amount in the body. The amount that is excreted from the body depends on the user’s weight, metabolism, and water content. This means that an individual with a higher BMI may experience stronger effects.

As with any other psychoactive drug, it should be tested first in clinical trials before being made available to the public. It should be used only under qualified supervision to ensure the safety and quality of the drug. Health Canada’s Special Access Program allows access to it under controlled circumstances.