Surrogacy Cyprus: What Is the Best Country to Apply for Surrogacy Services?

child with mother

In vitro fertilization is becoming more and more popular today. Surrogacy is looming much larger in scale too. That’s why the number of surrogacy agencies is increasing as well. Nevertheless, not every country can provide you with the same options. The main reason may be the law in that sector. It may influence the rights of intended parents and cause a lot of legal problems.

Surrogacy in Cyprus is represented by a huge range of professional companies like World Center of Baby, however, the lack of legal framework impedes all the processes to be effective and transparent. Due to this, a lot of couples (especially gay ones) apply to international surrogacy agencies. In such a way, they can benefit from surrogacy services to the full extent and become parents on a legal basis without any difficulties. World Center of Baby is one of such top international companies that make people from all over the world happier.

Cyprus Surrogacy: The Main Challenges and the Best Solutions 

Surrogacy in Cyprus, as opposed to other European countries, has not developed well yet. Still, there are a lot of gaps in the current legislation that does not cover all the aspects of surrogacy.

There are no laws that define the rights of intended parents.

This implies that after the birth of a baby, a surrogate mother becomes its legal parent. Of course, it may be extremely harmful to couples who are dreaming of becoming parents on legal grounds. What is more, there are high risks that a surrogate mother will not give up a newborn. That’s why if you decide to apply for gestational surrogacy services, choose exclusively a professional international agency like World Center of Baby. 

In Cyprus, there are not a lot of companies able to offer you a full range of services

Every couple is eager to find a company that will help them not only to find a perfect match (a surrogate) but also will do all the paperwork and take care of the health of a surrogate mother during pregnancy. World Center of Baby is a surrogacy agency that is ready to satisfy all your needs and desires. It has its clinic, a large staff of professionals, and a lot of surrogates that will become the best match for you and your partner.

Surrogacy cost in Cyprus is lower but somewhat risky

A lot of couples are looking for professional surrogacy services but for a cheap price. However, it is not possible. Surrogacy Cyprus is quite cheap, but the quality of services companies offer there is quite low. That’s why it will be much more reasonable for you to apply to a top international surrogacy agency like World Center of Baby that can provide you with a full range of high-quality services for affordable prices.

All in all, if you are looking for top surrogacy services in Cyprus, choose exclusively experienced and reliable companies that are in business for a long time. What is more, it will be a good idea for you to apply to a top international surrogacy agency like World Center of Baby to avoid problems with gaps in the current law of the country! Everything is possible if you ask for help from true professionals!