Best Collagen Beauty Drinks Ranked

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Collagen supplements are expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2027. The industry is led by brands like Vital Proteins, which developed an organic blueberry-lemon flavored powder in partnership with Kourtney Kardashian. 

Collagen is very important to our skin and health because it makes up 30% of all protein in our body. Collagen powder is a popular supplement superstar, and research has shown benefits such as relieving joint pain and improving skin hydration. 

With the variety of powders available on the market, choosing the right powder can be difficult. This article, therefore, aims to help you out in the process of choosing the best collagen beauty drink in the market by making a ranked chart.

Beauty In A Glass

Collagen is an important protein that maintains tissue and bones together. There are 28 types of collagen, all of which do not help the skin. Most supplements use hydrolyzed (degraded) collagen, but this can be broken down in various ways. 

Prolyl-hydroxyproline, a collagen fragment consisting of two amino acids, activates skin cells in vitro. Collagen supplements are marketed as the fountain of youth, but science says they can improve wrinkles, skin hydration, and more

In a clinical trial, volunteers took a supplement containing 5 g of hydrolyzed collagen daily for 60 days and saw improvements in dryness, wrinkles, and depth of nasolabial folds.

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Best Collagen Beauty Drinks

Given below are the top collagen hydrolysate supplement and beauty drinks, ranked:

Wildberry Hibiscus Marine Collagen

Avalon Lukacs has created a line of easy-to-use internal beauty products that nourish skin from the inside out including Aura Inner  Beauty’s Wildberry Hibiscus Marine Collagen.

Marine collagen liquid elixir comes with berry and hibiscus flavors. Mix two teaspoons (4.5 g of hydrolyzed collagen) daily with your desired beverage. You can also mix it with water, coffee, juice, smoothies, and champagne or even drink it straight!

GoopGenes Marine Collagen Superpowder

Goopjins Marine Collagen Super Powder contains three powerful ingredients, collagen, ceramide and astaxanthin, to improve skin’s moisture, elasticity and texture. 

Preliminary research shows that marine collagen supports healthy collagen density, skin elasticity and improved texture. A new study also shows that it has anti-wrinkle effects.

Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides

Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides from Great Lakes Wellness contains clinically researched collagen Verisol, which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and beauty-enhancing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin. 

Their grass-fed collagen peptides dissolve quickly and easily absorb, except for proper and comfortable coffee and your clear work. You don’t have to taste or smell, but you will feel the benefits.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Protein For Health & Beauty Unflavored Fine Powder

In the world of health you can eat nutrition and everyday foods. Our premium collagen powder is neutral and tastes easy to dissolve in all liquids, making it perfectly smooth or flammable in morning coffee. 

Zint Marine Collagen Hydrolyzate restores the body’s basic building blocks to hydrate and soften skin. 

Additionally, with premium sources, rigorous laboratory testing and unique formulations, Zint delivers amazing nutrients that reveal the inner light. You can also try collagen, immune-boosting superfoods, and delicious leaf iced tea.

8G Dietary Supplement

After treating herself with green herbs, friends and family of founder Dawn Russell asked why her skin and overall health looked so radiant. Answer: 8 Greens

Dawn’s only purpose was to find another way to soak the vegetables. So he created a new bubble pill with eight natural vegetables targeting the skin, marine collagen, and biotin.

Each tablet contains eight essential vegetables: kale, blue-green algae, spinach, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, aloe vera and barley grass. 

These nutritious ingredients are packaged in a convenient tablet to give you a visibly brightening and hydrating green juice anytime, anywhere.

Nordic Naturals Marine Collagen

The structural protein collagen gives skin, joints, and bones their strength, suppleness, and flexibility. Bioactive collagen type 1 peptides are offered by Nordic Naturals Marine Collagen and are derived from wild-caught, sustainably fished arctic cod.

These compact, hydrolyzed peptides aid in stimulating the body’s collagen-producing cells and are conveniently absorbed. The same elements are found in supplements such as collagen protein powder, collagen peptides, hydrolyzed marine collagen, and natural marine collagen.

The fact that marine collagen is derived from clean sources and is quickly absorbed by the body makes it even better. It has been demonstrated that regular usage helps prevent the onset of aging brought on by free radicals, promotes weight reduction, and regulates blood sugar levels.

Collagen = Beauty!

Collagen is one of the main building blocks of bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

The body naturally produces collagen, but this production decreases with age. However, dermatologist Ohara Aivaz says topical treatments like retinol and tretinoin are scientifically proven to boost collagen production.