Best Activities for the Elderly in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes

Caring for older adults is both a privilege and a daunting task. Unlike younger persons, they have to deal with many health problems and a reduction in mental functions. Just like everyone else, they can’t sit down and do nothing all day, however, and hence they need some enjoy form of activity and entertainment. However, because of their limitations, choosing for them what to undertake is difficult for many people. Having a mobility aid is definitely a necessity. Below is a list of things that you can find suitable. 

1. Board Games and Cards

A great game idea for nursing homes that is quite popular and enjoyable is playing various board games and cards. Based on their cognitive abilities, it is easy to have an idea of what kind of game they will find enjoyable to participate in. To raise the stakes,  why not introduce a milder variation of Bingo. Not only will it be a hit, but with the chance to win small prizes and treats, the residents will be more inclined to participate and have fun. 

2. Exercise Together

The key benefits of activities in nursing homes are they provide opportunities for residents to get a daily dose of healthy activities. For this reason, introduce different forms of exercise to break a rather monotonous stay. If you aren’t able to do this with them,  you can use an adult daycare software that can act as a reminder to take a walk. Doing so allows o promote physical and mental health that will invigorate the residents.

3. Watch a TV show or movie

Another fun activity for senior citizens home that you can introduce and be an instant hit is that of watching TV and movies.  Though it’s still basically just sitting around, it acts as a source of stimulant that can keep them entertained. Get them involved by asking if they want to watch classic movies that they haven’t seen for some time or popular videos that their loved ones recommend.  In all, this is an excellent way of relaxing and spending time together while eliminating the pressure of having to make conversation.

4. Story Time

For many people, nothing beats the entertainment that a suitable storytime brings. Fortunately, you can find this in various forms, including a good book or storytelling by one person to another. As they have failing health, it’s safe to assume that they will not be able to read on their own. In this case, why not choose a younger person to read aloud an entertaining book. If this seems too tedious, why not let a senior tell their history and be amazed by how fun their lives were.

5. Musical Events

A musical event is a fun idea for an activity for the elderly. Often, you don’t have to fully know the lyrics of a song to enjoy the song. Go about and ask residents about their favorite songs and which ones they would like to hear again. Hold a karaoke for them and let them sing out loud to them while clapping and dancing. Additionally, you can gather residents around and play their favorite concert songs and popular music to chase away boredom. Or you can let them enjoy some funny online music lessons.

6. Crafts

A satisfactory care management solution that all nursing homes should aim for is a therapeutic one. Fortunately, nursing home crafts can do just this as it allows elderly persons to bask in the knowledge that they have created something useful and beautiful. Some of the craft activities that they can engage in include knitting and crocheting to create scarves, hats, and blankets. Additionally, the elderly can participate in leather crafts to make coin purses and wallets. Or they can make handmade jewelry using colorful beads and gemstones that they can give to their family members when they visit or their friends in the nursing home. 


Before choosing an activity for elderly persons to engage in, consider their limitations. Even though the things in this list are generally fun and safe, be on the lookout for any signs of frustrations or boredom and choose something more suitable for them. Overall, choose activities that will keep them engaged and physically active to ensure they strengthen both their body and their mind.