What are the benefits of using a CBD tincture


Despite numerous unresolved legal issues, and confusion over the enforcement of state and federal laws governing the sale of its products, the cannabis industry has grown exponentially. No longer vilified, cannabis has become a superhero among entrepreneurs and investors seeking new opportunities around the world. 

The global push towards the decriminalization of cannabis has also boosted consumer demand for cannabis-related products. One of the most sought-after cannabis products is CBD oil. Its use has skyrocketed, with proponents such as this company claiming it can do everything from relieving joint pain to reducing anxiety and depression. You can also check one of the many other vendors such as www.Area52.com.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. It is derived from Hemp, which is defined as cannabis that contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is available in two forms: Tinctures and Oils. 

CBD Tincture Vs CBD Oils

While both CBD oil and CBD tincture can effectively deliver the same active substance, and many vendors’ advertising suggests they are the same thing, the two products are not the same. The main difference between the two products is how they are extracted. For oils, the CBD is extracted from cannabis using supercritical CO2 and blended with a base or carrier oil such as coconut oil. The exact amount of active substance can be determined using a cbd oil dosage calculator. Tinctures are extracted using high-proof alcohol as a solvent. 

Is CBD Safe?

Although many of the claims associated with CBD use have not been scientifically substantiated, there is a consensus that CBD products are safe, and may potentially cause only mild side effects. These include diarrhea and fatigue. If you’re interested in trying CBD, you should talk to your doctor, as you may have underlying health conditions that may put you at greater risk to suffer side effects.

What are the benefits of using a CBD tincture to use CBD

So why choose CBD tinctures? Here are a few benefits you’ll have from going with CBD tinctures:

  • Because of their alcohol content, tinctures have a relatively long shelf-life, which could be anywhere from 3 to 5 years. This could potentially save you money as a longer expiration date will give you more time to use or forget to use the product.
  • CBD tinctures offer the fastest way for your body to absorb CBD. When using a tincture, CBD is simply placed under the tongue. 
  • CBD tinctures make it easier for you to measure how much CBD is being taken. The tincture comes with a dropper and measuring syringe, which allows you to more accurately measure your CBD intake.
  • CBD tinctures are more readily available on the market, with several varieties, including higher doses for those who need more CBD. 

Overall, when comparing CBD tinctures and CBD oils by checking the marijuana packaging, you’ll realize that tinctures offer a wider variety, higher potency, are easier to consume CBD, and have a greater shelf-life. CBD tinctures are safe, but there is a possibility of side effects, which you should discuss with your doctor before beginning a CBD regimen. All things considered, CBD tinctures are probably your best option to reap the benefits of CBD.