Bath Salts 101: How To Have A Relaxing Home Spa Experience


With life going so fast and everyone looking for ways to live healthily, self-care can be the least important thing in most people’s lives. With the mental, physical and emotional strain, it’s recommended that you take time off to take care of your body for the ultimate state of relaxation and mindfulness.

By setting apart time to have some self-care, you’re giving your mind and body a chance to relax and heal from all the pressure of the world. And since you use facials and treatment, your skin will start improving and growing in the long run.

In addition, relaxation and detox will also enhance your sleep, leading to a healthy lifestyle. There are many elements against your skin once you leave your house, and a spa helps with anti-aging.

And with all these pros in mind, it might be time to relax with a spa experience in the comfort of your home using this guide. 

Clear Your Schedule And Put Away Your Electronics

Life can be very fast, and if you don’t take time off, you may end up getting too exhausted to function efficiently. As a result, you’ll need to take time off your busy schedule, and you can do this by setting aside a self-care day. 

Additionally, ensure that your phone is silent or away to avoid distractions. You’ll need a total detox by staying hydrated and getting away from social media.  

Gather Your Essentials

Recreating a luxurious home spa needs some essentials that’ll help in ensuring that your skin is well taken care of. And with so many products on the market, you may get so confused, but you’ll only need the essentials. You can always check up on the products and what they offer, such as the benefits of bath salts

You may need a body scrub, body soak, bath salts, bath bomb, and body cream for your body. These products will leave your body smooth, moisturized, and beautiful. Further, you’ll need to give your face some love using different tools and products like an exfoliator, a face mask, toner, and a moisturizer.

Determine What Type Of Bath You’re Going To Need

When taking your bath, you can choose the one that’s fitting to your skin, mood, and aching. For instance, if you crave an uplifting bath, you can use a brightening sheet mask and settle into a bath with your cup of detoxifying drink. 

And for a calm and relaxing dip, you can get a glass of wine for all wine lovers and a great cup of tea for the ultimate relaxation. Plus, you can add some bath salts that are great for relaxing muscles and healing soreness. 

And for extra hydration, use some infused oils and a hydrating body soak that gives the skin a nice supple glow while utilizing bath salts. 

skincare relaxing

Play Relaxing Music 

It’s said that music is instrumental in relaxing, focusing, and creating a soothing ambiance that lowers your stress levels. The tunes you choose should be slow as it allows our muscles to physically calm down, relax and reduce pain in the long run. 

And since mental health is key, you can incorporate music that reduces burnout and lets your mind relax and achieve a state of total contentness while enjoying the benefits of bath salts.

Get Cozy

To begin, lower the lights and set them to a warm brightness that’ll set the cozy tone. Next, light your candles and line them up in a way that soothes you. If you are feeling a little extra, you can use your diffuser that’s been infused with essential oils to improve the ambiance. In the case you don’t own a scent diffuser already, you can find one easily online on sites like BluZen Wellness.

Soak In

With everything set, prepare your bath by setting the water to an appropriate temperature that isn’t too hot or cold. Next, you can choose a bath bomb in a color that improves your mood and fits your skin type, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. 

Add in your bath salt depending on the type of bath you want to have, such as Epsom salt for detox, skin inflammation, irritation, and muscle aches; or bathing oils. 

Exfoliate And Moisturize

Aside from using different bath salts, exfoliating will eliminate dead cells on your body, thus making it silky and smooth. As a result, find an exfoliant that’ll be gentle on your skin without stripping you of any moisture and causing dryness. 

Afterward, take your moisturizer that’s filled with hydrating features and will lock in all the important oils. Use it, then take your robe and relax with a great cup of tea or wine. 

Bottom Line

A relaxing spa experience should always end with sleep to allow your body to relax and heal from all the tiredness, as well as rejuvenate your skin.  Always get a way of ensuring that your spa days are at least twice a month to avoid burnout. Take time to research all the products and opt for eco-friendly ones with bad side effects.