Bad College Habits That Will Harm Your Health

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Drinking during adolescence may have detrimental effects on mental and physical health. Source: iStock

College isn’t just a time for getting your degree, it’s also where many young people develop a range of new habits, both good and bad. Many of the habits that you’ll develop at college, such as the ability to manage your own money, social habits, and even looking after your health, for example by joining a sports team, will be good ones. However, there’s also a huge risk of developing bad habits in college that could have long-lasting harmful effects on your health and well-being. We’ve listed some of the worst habits that students develop in terms of their health.

#1. Staying Up Too Late

It’s no secret that some students stay up much later than is healthy, with many fuelling themselves through all-nighters with energy drinks and coffee to get their work done on time. However, whilst one late night or even pulling the odd all-nighter won’t harm you, staying up late as a regular thing can lead to bad sleep habits that are hard to break. The more often you stay up late, the more used to it your body will get. After a while, you’ll need to work hard on resetting the natural ‘clock’. Bad sleeping habits can lead to insomnia, chronic tiredness, and even some physical health problems, including weight gain. Since your body recovers and regenerates whilst you are asleep, you could also notice appearance issues, such as dull and dry skin or brittle hair.

#2. Drinking Too Much

For many students, their college years are full of socializing and parties. Every academic year, you’ll probably hear stories of students who drank so much alcohol that they have passed out – maybe you’ll even do it yourself at some point. However, college shouldn’t be an excuse for drinking too much alcohol. In the long-term, even if you quit drinking later in life, consuming too much alcohol can be very damaging to your liver, and can even cause issues with your brain. So, try to drink in moderation whilst studying for your online MSHI degree – not only will your health improve, but so will your grades as you’ll be more alert and able to focus.

#3. Eating Convenience Foods

When you’re studying hard for your online health informatics degree, it can be difficult to find the time to cook a healthy meal from scratch. Combine this with the fact that many new students have moved to college straight from their parental home and aren’t yet used to cooking for themselves, and you can see exactly why many college students end up living off a diet of microwave meals, convenience foods, and take-out. But, all this unhealthy food is no good for you. It won’t just make you pile on weight – it can also be harmful to your internal organs and won’t provide your body and mind with the necessary nutrients to perform at your best. Finding healthy student recipes or even attending cooking classes may be the best decision of your college career!