Apple Wallet COVID-19 Test Results Can Automatically Manage Access to Facilities

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Our world has changed enormously in the past few years. Even thinking back to 2019, we never would have thought that one day we would have to display test results for a virus to access places, but here we are! Although some of us may find testing to be a pain, it brings a lot of positives with it, and some that may have never even crossed your mind.

Here we will detail the ways that having your COVID-19 test results in your Apple Wallet can help automatically gain access to buildings, whether from a customer or corporate standpoint. 

How Do You Store COVID-19 Results in Your Apple Wallet? 

Before we get into how having your COVID passes and results in your Apple Wallet can benefit you and businesses, we will first take you through how you do this. 

Healthcare providers may provide patients with QR codes, which they need to manually scan with their iPhone camera to activate through Apple’s health app. In other cases, your healthcare provider may send you a downloadable file which should automatically open in the health app.

Once you are in the health app, you can add these credentials to your wallet. COVID test results work similarly, with the health app allowing you to download your results and add them to your wallet automatically. 

Seos-enabled Credentials Can Make COVID-19 Management an Automated, Seamless Process for Businesses

When entering a business or campus that needs to monitor the COVID status of its visitors, seos-enabled credentials are the most efficient method of doing this. Seos is a highly secure system that uses cryptography in a software-based style that allows credentials to be accessed by mobile devices. 

This means that businesses can keep track of COVID testing regarding their company, ensuring all members of staff and visitors are safe and tested negatively before entering the premises. 

Automated Visitor or Employee Check-in

One of the main benefits of this check-in style is its efficiency. In the past, security teams or managerial roles would have to manually check data or personally check in with team members to ensure their tests had been done. Now, this can be done automatically, allowing businesses to work more constructively and not allocate manual check-in and COVID checkups.

Administrators Benefit

As COVID results don’t need to be manually checked and can be viewed by the employer as soon as the user has uploaded their result, there is no waiting around. This helps administrators create and plan work schedules based on these results in real-time rather than wait for staff members to inform them manually. This approach then directly helps businesses remain open and remain productive despite potential outbreaks. 

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Secured and Accurate COVID-19 Test Results

COVID results have to be handled with privacy and in a precautionary manner. Therefore, using this method is excellent, as the employer and user can only access the automated results. This method also ensures that results can not be duplicated or fake, guaranteeing accuracy and helping the workplace remain safe and secure. 

Integrate with Access Control Systems 

Door access control systems are continuing to evolve and become increasingly more secure. They are the best way to manage and monitor building access, particularly now that managers and administrators can oversee activity through the cloud-based access control system. 

Integrating COVID-19 results with your access control system can be done, too. For example, if you receive a member of staff’s positive notification, you can disable their access to the building to ensure no contamination occurs. 


The pandemic has been hard enough on everyone, so having a system in place that allows employees to go about their daily tasks and work life without causing disruption is essential. 

Having COVID-19 test results automatically downloaded to your Apple Wallet is a great way to make both the facilities and public lives easier. This form of access control will benefit any staff members or visitors with iPhones, along with helping businesses reduce the risks of having a COVID outbreak and keeping their access control seamless.