All You Need To Know About Botox Brow Lift

Skin Care

Botox procedures are taking over the cosmetic industry by storm. The variety of Botox procedures offers versatility and options for consumers who are looking to redefine their aesthetic appearance. 

Botox brow lifts lead to defined brows which make the face look youthful. The facial cosmetic industry is booming with requests from consumers for an elevated brow lift. Aging aims to cause the eye to sag and descend due to the presence of wrinkles and fine lines. The sagging of the skin also causes excess skin to hang over the eyelids leading to droopy eyelids. 

Botox brow lifts thereby seek to tighten the upper loose skin o the upper eyelid leading to a well-defined and structured look. 

Why Brow lifts?

The craze for Botox brow lifts is common due to several reasons:

Stress levels

The current state of affairs in the world has made individuals overly stressed and troubled. The percentage of stressed individuals in Canada has been on the rise over the years with 28% of individuals aged 35 to 49 recording daily stress levels. The younger generation is not exempted with around 22% of individuals getting stressed out daily. 

High levels of stress cause problems with the skin by making it sag and droopy. Sagging skin may be prevalent on the forehead forming wrinkles and fine lines. These lines are formed from the frequent frowning, and individuals may notice that the skin on the brow becomes looser with time.


The type of lifestyle that an individual has also affected the condition of their skin. For instance, an unhealthy lifestyle will affect the skin’s elasticity. The frequent consumption of fatty foods without physical exercise can lead to the sagging of the skin as the foods required for skin tightening are not consumed as they should.


As we age, the skin loses its elasticity due to the low amounts of collagen. This makes the skin sag and drop also due to gravity and environmental hazards. The face, in particular, gives a visible representation of the skin sag making the Botox brow lift a good idea. 

Aesthetic preferences

Individuals above the age of eighteen are capable of getting Botox brow lifts. Suitable candidates include those with droopy eyebrows. 


How a Botox brow lift works

A Botox brow lift is non-surgical and entails weakening the muscle that causes the upper brow to droop and decrease. This procedure seeks to lift the brow only slightly, and patients in need of a more defined and arched brow can consider the surgical brow lift. 

The Botox brow lift consists of injecting a neurotoxin that is responsible for relaxing the muscles on the face. The injection is done on the lateral depressors which are the muscles that are wrapped around the head. These are the muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead especially as a result of frequent frowning. 

When injected with the neurotoxin, these muscles will relax and allow for the eyebrows to be lifted a couple of millimeters. This helps widen up the eyes and lift the eyebrows giving a raised look. 

Before treatment, the physician will check on your medical history to ascertain there aren’t any preexisting conditions that may hinder the treatment process. The introduction of the neurotoxin may affect pregnant women or individuals under some medication, therefore it is best, to be frank about any medical considerations that you might have. 

Visible results are seen from the treatment for up to two weeks after the treatment. Therefore, it is important to observe adequate facial care during this time to enable faster results. 

Benefits of a Botox brow lift

There are several benefits of a Botox brow lift:

Non-invasive procedure

The Botox brow lift is an in-office procedure that requires some minor injections on the eyebrow muscle. This procedure does not require anesthesia and can be done in not more than ten minutes. Therefore, it does not involve surgical instruments which may complicate the process.

Temporary brow lift

Botox brow lift procedure is not permanent like a surgical brow lift, and the brow lift is only evident as long as the neurotoxin is still within the targeted area. This enables the consumer to be able to stop treatment in case they are unsatisfied with the results, and opt for other cosmetic procedures. Consumers who are not sure whether the procedure is right for them can always get a Botox brow lift to gauge whether they are comfortable with the brow lift before pursuing other procedures. 


The Botox brow lift costs around $5000 to CAD 7000 per session depending on the physician, and location of the clinic. This is considerably cheaper than getting a surgical brow lift which sets you back a lot more money. The procedure does not require aftercare or downtime which also attracts additional costs.


Fewer risks

Surgical procedures are known for their high-risk factor which can leave the patient scarred or with different results than expected. The Botox brow lift minimizes the chances for risks as it is unlikely that complications may arise from the injections. 


The Botox brow lift procedure is popular due to its lack of pain. As the procedure entails several injections on the face, the physician will apply a topical numbing cream on the targeted area which will numb the area. The patient will feel only a gentle prick and a tingly sensation as the toxin goes on the brow muscle. 

Aftercare after Botox brow lift

It is advisable to refrain from strenuous exercises that will aim to contract the facial muscles as this will hinder the treatment process. 

It is also advisable to refrain from touching the treated area or pressing it down, to allow the neurotoxin to work on its own and spread evenly throughout the face. 

Physicians also advise refraining from wearing hats or anything covering the face some hours after the treatment. Facials and massages are also not advisable after treatment. 

Maintaining good skin care will make the Botox brow lift last a little bit longer than usual. Applying sunscreen and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle practices will aid the skin in remaining lifted on the treated area.