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Substance abuse is the main cause of conflict in modern society. However, many people would prefer not to talk about it especially in the face of stigmatization. As a result, those battling with addiction fail to get help as their loved ones will not take them to the recovery centers available. Alchemy Homes for Sober Living Homes provides a safe environment with modern and luxurious living spaces where residents get the help they need to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our homes have a supportive environment and tranquil surroundings near the beach with a focus on community and accountability. Our on-site managers are trained to provide 12-step guidance as well as encourage participation in activities such as group outings and other social events. Residents are thus made to realize that a sober life can be fun and meaningful because they don’t have to give up the things they enjoy doing.

Round the clock support throughout the day is offered to residents at Sober Living Homes by our caring and experienced staff.

Recovery is an ongoing process and therefore we have set up an environment in which there are meaningful connections and support provided on a personal level so that the residents have the tools needed to achieve full recovery. They are trained to go back to their communities as committed individuals.

Our Values

  • Community: residents at the Home always feel part of a loving community with the same goal. Participation in group activities such as camping and movie nights promotes this mutual feeling.
  • Education: guidance programs provided by our caring and professional staff are on a personal level and depend on clients’ specific circumstances.
  • Support: there are various avenues our residents can get additional support when they need it. This is through alumni mentorship programs. We are also ready to provide the necessary referrals to a client who might want to go to another sober residence for extra care.
  • Accountability: residents at our Sober Living Homes are made to realize that they are accountable for their actions and therefore strive to live a more productive life.
  • Success: we aim to help clients achieve long-term Therefore even after residents complete their treatment at our center they succeed in becoming responsible citizens.

The Location

The environment matters so much when it comes to helping clients recover from alcohol and drug addiction. A serene environment far away from the hustle and bustle chaos found in city life is an ideal location to help residents relax. Our Beach House is a gorgeous and clean residence with ocean and Mountain View. It’s proximity to the beach provides a serene and peaceful environment needed for recovery patients.

The Playa Del Rey House is a welcoming and safe environment with luxurious facilities such as Wi-Fi so that the recovery process is a smooth journey for residents. Several Beaches surround the House including DockWeiler State Beach and Venice Beach.

The site is also close to other social amenities and provides easy access to airports, shops, restaurants, parks, freeways and fitness facilities. Residents enjoy the gorgeous views of the California coastline. Residents can relax on the sun-drenched patio inside the private courtyard. There is a large family room where residents can connect with others and get to share their experiences at the Home. They can also do their laundry and watch movies on the flat screens.

The state-of-the-art kitchen makes it easy for residents to prepare healthy meals while enjoying the spectacular ocean view. The breakfast is comprised of groceries and residents are taught how to prepare meals as well as how to budget for food. We want our clients to appreciate the need for good nutrition in the recovery process and that is why great emphasis is placed on preparing meals using healthy ingredients.

During the weekends, the clients are free to taste out some of the specialties at local restaurants.

All of the home’s four bedrooms have their own adjoining bathroom.

On-site Recovery Services

  • Meditation: the peaceful environment in the Home allows for deep meditation and this is a good antidote to a stressed mind because of additions.
  • Life skills training: our residents are taught how to cook, and even budget, helping them become responsible citizens.
  • Case management: we realize that every person has a unique situation and handle their cases differently while giving them personalized care
  • Job search assistance: life does not have to stop because these clients are on a recovery program. They can still apply for jobs and we provide assistance in this area.
  • Yoga: simple physical exercise relaxes the mind and energizes one to focus on positive things.
  • Transportation to 12-step meetings: we provide transportation to recovery meetings to ensure discreet handling of these cases.

Care Given on a Personalized Level

Some of our clients are on an outpatient program because they are either students or working part-time. Therefore, we appreciate the commitment they have to our program and understand the courage it takes to be part of this recovery process. Every client has unique needs and faces different circumstances. Our trained staff, therefore, takes a personalized care on each of these residents, taking their personal situation into account. We work with their families to arrive at a solution that fits an individual’s need.

We believe that helping residents stay connected to former members of the Sober Living Homes home is an important part of the road to full sobriety. We provide ways for former residents to stay sober and live meaningful lives. Hence our clients are helped to stay accountable even after they complete their treatment with us.

If our residents want additional assistance to help them transition back to their independent lives we are more than willing to offer assistance.

A New Standard of Sober Living

In any recovery program, there has to be a structured environment to facilitate quick recovery. Our Homes offer such an environment where residents earn privileges depending on their adherence to the House rules. Individuals receive guidance on a regular basis through our mentorship programs and this helps them appreciate that the road to recovery does not always have to be full of disappointments.

Sober Living Homes recovery program aims at helping residents increase their sense of responsibility. This is important because the challenge faced by many such programs is that the clients often go back to their former addictive habits after leaving the centers. We, therefore, want to instill a sense of accountability to our clients so that they can engage in meaningful activities even after they complete their treatment at our Homes.

Members are also made to feel at home with our comfortable facilities.  The luxurious 4-bedroom Home is neat and well kept with inviting colors to make residents feel at ease.

We just don’t want to treat our clients for a short period of time and then alcohol and drug addiction become an issue when they go back to their places. We aim at succeeding in helping them achieve long-term sobriety. These people often come out as completely changed people who are determined to achieve their personal goals.

Services Offered

Our qualified, experienced and caring on-site case managers are careful to take a person’s individuals where a client is free to open up on the matters close to the heart. This 12-step guidance is really vital in guiding our clients as they journey to lead an addiction-free life.

24/7 support is what makes us an ideal Sober Living Home. We boast of experienced staffs that are available 24 hours a day to provide the needed assistance to residents.

Transportation is offered to medical appointments, job interviews, and other events. Thus clients are free to attend various events without having to feel that their freedom is constrained. They become part of a loving community as they recover.

A computer with WIFI connection makes it possible for residents to apply to jobs they see being advertised. They thus feel part of the community.

The Tools Offered in Our Program

  • Group Outings: there is always this notion that centers for recovery addiction are restricted to boring places. We are here to change that. Alchemy Sober Living Homes provides fun activities for its members, such as Beach days, cultural outings, sporting events and hiking. Group outings provide the needed environment for recovery since it helps our residents let go of any stressful situation on their mind and socially interact with their roommates.
  • Big brother/little brother: peer support is offered to residents on a personal level. Mentorship programs help residents to always remind themselves of their goals in this recovery program. They become more determined to set goals in life and live up to them.
  • Health and fitness: living healthy is also part of our program as we help clients on their recovery journey. Therefore, we emphasize the need for proper nutrition, gym and workout plan. Such sporting activities ensure our clients stay fit and healthy while receiving treatment.
  • Career assistance: we realize that our clients will still have to go out there and face the world and get employed. We thus have programs to help them build their resume and offer the necessary career assistance. Some of our clients are in college and this is the kind of assistance they really need at this point in life.

Alumni Support

Staying connected to our facilities relay helps in maintaining sobriety on our residents. We have helped a sizeable number of people attain long-term sobriety and these former residents of the Sober Living Homes still stay involved with us even after completing treatment. We have various ways these ones can feel supported through our various aftercare services. They are this helped to make the smooth transition back to independent living.

We have a weekly accountability group to aid residents to lead more productive lives. Even those who have already left the Home know that they are expected to maintain the life routine trained at the sober living home.

Alumni events help former members to reconnect and update each other on the progress made so far. These events can help foster that community spirit and alumni members of the ‘homes are also a good source of encouragement and mentorship programs.

We also occasionally connect individuals with a sober roommate. Often people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs may assume that they can never achieve long-term sobriety. Relapse occasions are very discouraging and may move one to want to give up treatment. However, when we connect such individuals with a sober roommate we help them realize that they can also attain their goal. This sober roommate may also share meaningful experiences of how they overcame obstacles to be sober.

When our residents need help in finding housing we provide the needed support as well as advice on choosing the most appropriate neighborhood. Whenever we hold events and house meetings we invite former members. They are free to participate in community service projects.

How To Apply

Our primary goal is to provide a secure environment for our clients so that they always feel supported. That is why we boast of a high rate in clients’ success to achieve full-term sobriety. Accordingly, before we accept an application and accept an individual in the sober living residence, we want to ensure he is properly invested in the recovery program. The program has to best fit a person’s unique needs. If we feel that he would better be treated on another program, we will provide the necessary referrals and resources to get them to find help in a higher level of care.

If you or a loved one would want to join our Sober living homes contact us today. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We will schedule a tour to help you get more acquainted with our facilities and the services offered. Fill out the form on our site and we will reply within 48 hours. We strive to maintain high confidentiality when talking to our clients.


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