Seeking addiction treatment – most common obstacles to recovery

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Millions of people need addiction treatment to deal with a substance abuse problem each year. Yet, a significant number of them do not receive proper care due to several reasons. 

22.7 million Americans aged 12 and older require addiction treatment, but the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals only 10.9% of them actually receive treatment in specialized facilities. 

There are many obstacles that prevent people who need help to actually get it, and that includes the stigma that prevails around addiction and substance abuse. Below, we will explore some of those reasons, as well as what patients can do to overcome them. 

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Lack of motivation

The first step towards sobriety is recognizing that a problem exists and needs to be solved. Most of the times, denial and lack of motivation go hand in hand, and they are one of the biggest reason people don’t seek the help they need. 

However, it is not the addict that needs to be blamed, as substance abuse is a serious issue that can cause people to act unlike themselves and refuse to admit they have a problem. If you suspect someone close to you may be in this situation, please discuss with them and recommend help. 

Financial issues

The second most common reason for not seeking substance abuse treatment is lack of money. Even though all health insurance coverage must include substance abuse treatment, not all policies cover extensive treatment, and sometimes the costs can be quite high. 

However, there are many facilities that provide affordable holistic approach treatment at quest 2 recovery, as well as programs that help those battling substance abuse receive proper help. Checking with the insurance provider and finding out all the possible options is a must to determine what type of help the patient can get. 

Uncertainty over their options

Not many people battling addiction know what their treatment options are. Many believe the only thing they can do is go to therapy or group sessions, but these are only effective for certain situations. 

In most cases, the patient needs constant care and supervision, especially during the initial phase of the treatment, when they may experience withdrawal symptoms. 

Recovery treatment is not the same for every patient, as experts at a renowned Malibu rehab explain. This is why the person needs to discuss their option with experienced medical personnel and receive a proper treatment scheme they can follow. This can include rehab, group counselling, medication, as well as behavioral therapy. 

Not being ready to abstain

Last but not least, even though some people may recognize they have an addiction problem, they may not be ready to give up on the substance they are abusing just yet. The reasons can vary, but most commonly, the patient believes they need that substance in order to cope with their life or they fear the stigma around substance abuse.

This happens especially in individuals battling anxiety, depression, PTSD, or lack of confidence, and they seek refuge in the substance they abuse, be it drugs, alcohol, or medication. Despite being a bad coping mechanism, some people find it difficult to change it for a healthier one, thus they refuse to seek treatment.