7 Tips for the Best Dry Herb Vaporizing Experience

Vaping an Electronic Cigarette - Photo by: www.ecigclick.co.uk

If you asked a vape pen user about what won them over to vaping, they’d probably say the following things: (1) that vaping cannabis was a healthier alternative to smoking it, (2) that cannabis vapor let them enjoy a strong and smooth high, and (3) their vape pens were convenient, portable, and very easy to use. Any of these three would be a compelling reason to try vaping for yourself, but as it goes with any other recreational hobby, maximum enjoyment of cannabis vaping will only be possible for you with the best gear and the best practices.

Dry herb vaporizers, which allow users to inhale vapor emitted from heated cannabis buds, can cover the gear part quite adequately. Though vaping cannabis may not seem like a cheap hobby compared to smoking joints or blunts, you’d be surprised about the range of affordable and high-quality devices out there. And as far as practice is concerned, you only need to do the following to guarantee an awesome dry herb vaporizing experience for yourself:

  1. Buy a quality device from a trustworthy vape distributor. What with how popular cannabis vaping has become, it wouldn’t be strange to come across low-quality products and cheap brand imitations or bootlegs on the Internet. But be forewarned: it won’t pay to be cheap with something like a dry herb vaporizer, especially if you want one for frequent use. To be ensured of a consistent experience, you’ll want to invest in something like the Mighty Dry Herb, a portable vaporizer whose virtues include its own cooling unit for vapor and a handy LED display for battery power. You’ll be amazed at how these tech features will level-up your enjoyment of the herb!
  2. Read everything in the manual. A lot of the dry herb vaporizers in the market today are already beginner-friendly and intuitive to use, but if you really want to know what’s possible with your device, you should read its user manual from cover to cover. This is where you’ll get the clearest info on how to charge your vape, load the chamber with your preferred buds, preheat the device, switch on its vaporizing mechanism, regulate the heating temperature of the buds, and maintain the dry herb vaporizer’s service life.
  3. Vape only with grams of the freshest variety. As they say with cooking or baking, your dish can only be as good as the quality of its ingredients. The very same philosophy applies when you consume cannabis with a dry herb vaporizer: if you want a good trip all throughout, you’ll really need to use the good stuff. Choose fresh buds that still have a little bit of moisture in them, as higher moisture concentration in the plant material will result in a delicious, full-bodied, and potent vapor.
  4. Get your grind on. Grind quality matters just as much as freshness when it comes to the herb you’ll be vaping. You’ll want to grind your buds finely enough to increase their surface area, which will, in turn, allow you to heat them more thoroughly. Though you may not be confident about your grinding skills just now, frequent use of your dry herb vaporizer will make you a master of it in no time!
  5. Learn how to reach the optimal heating temperature for the buds. Cannabis vapers usually heat their buds at a temperature between 330 °F and 410 °F; any higher than that will involve combustion as opposed to vaporization, i.e. burning your hash instead of gently heating it. If you want to know the best heating temperature for the cannabis variety you’ll be using in your vape, you should consult both your vape seller and the distributor of your buds—they should have some good advice on where the sweet spot is.
  6. Feel the drag. The best way to inhale from your dry herb vaporizer is to take slow, deliberate, and gentle drags out of it; make sure to pause in between every long breath. Puffing too long or too hard may decrease the temperature inside the machine and reduce its efficiency, affecting the quality of your vapor overall. Like it is with smoking weed, vaping isn’t a race—you can afford to take your time and enjoy the moment.
  7. Clean and maintain your device. Lastly, if you want the longest possible service life out of your dry herb vaporizer, you will have to do a little work to maintain it. Go back to the user manual for instructions on how to clean the chamber, replace defective parts, or take it back to the manufacturer for repairs.

As evidenced by the tips above, vaping with dry herbs need not be scary, expensive, or complicated. With the right gear and the right methods, vaping cannabis will be a cinch, and it will likely be your new favorite way of blasting your buds!