6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our everyday lives. When we wake up feeling unrested, it can dampen our moods, productivity and physical energy throughout the day. Naturally, this means it’s important for us to sleep well every night.

However, sometimes falling asleep and staying asleep can be a struggle. With so much on our minds, relaxing feels like mission impossible and many people spend their nights tossing and turning. 

Here are a few tricks you can try out when all hope feels lost – they may be simple but they’re known for being effective. 

Natural Supplements

If you struggle with stress and sleep, a supplement like CBD oil that promotes relaxation could be the key to a better night’s rest for you. CBD supplements are easy to come by (and completely legal) but make sure to pick up a quality product.

If you’re not up for trying out the benefits of cannabis just yet, there are other natural sleep supplements you could pick up if you chat to your local pharmacist or homeopath. 

Reduce Screen Time

Using our phones, laptops and televisions right up until we fall asleep is doing serious damage to our sleep cycles. The light that emanates from these devices stimulates your brain and makes it harder for it to shut off, even when you’re already asleep.

If working late is part of your routine, try out blue light glasses which can minimise the effects of the screen on your eyes and mind. Switching off completely is the best option, though. 

Start Reading

If you want to relax before bed, switch out your bedtime social media habits for a physical book instead. There are countless benefits to picking up a reading habit, especially around your bedtime.

Reading will help you to relax, disconnect from your real-life problems and fall asleep more easily. As a bonus, your brain will benefit from this habit! 


Buy a New Mattress

Few people realise how much their mattress and pillows can impact their sleep and even back health. 

If your mattress is an ancient artifact or you find yourself waking up each morning with stiff and sore muscles, it might be time to investigate an upgrade. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much better you sleep. 

Make a Warm Drink

A calming, warm drink before bed is a ritual that will make you feel cosy and sleepy every single time. Many people swear by chamomile tea to help them relax and fall asleep at night, while others turn to the comfort of a warm mug of milk with cinnamon.

Just be sure not to drink this too close to when you want to fall asleep – waking up constantly throughout the night to go to the bathroom won’t help you feel more rested. 

Create a Night Time Routine

Taking some of these tips and tricks and creating an evening routine is a really helpful way to design your sleeping habits and improve your rest. 

Start switching off your screen, dimming the lights and getting ready to feel sleepy at the same time every night, and your body will begin to fall into the habit with you. For improved and restful sleep, you can include Dad Grass Nighttime CBN Tincture in your sleep care routine.