6 Reasons You Need a Shiatsu Massager

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Shiatsu is a form of Japanese therapeutic bodywork. Kneading, rubbing, calming, tapping, and stretching methods are used and are carried out in soft, supportive attire without using oils.

“Shiatsu” is a Japanese word that means “finger pressure.” There are various types of Shiatsu, all rooted in one of Japan’s three methods of the early 1900s as a consequence of the revival of Japanese conventional medical procedures, including acupressure and massage. At that time, Shiatsu was emerging from incorporation with modern western medical knowledge to conventional Japanese manual care therapy.

How Does a Shiatsu massager work?

A Shiatsu massager applies pressure to the points on the body that are considered as pathways connected to different parts of the body called “meridians.” When a massager stimulates these points, it aims to promote energy flow in the body and activate healing. Scientists have yet to discover how this therapy works to improve health. However, it is hypothesized that this treatment calms the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress, and soothes pain.

In general, a shiatsu or acupressure massage stimulates blood circulation all over the body providing inclusive wellness that enhances energy and blood flow.

In the United States, Shiatsu is now one of the primary therapies of Asian Bodywork Therapy as the highest profession. Getting into the modern era shift, a shiatsu massager conveys the same benefits as that of a Shiatsu therapy. Peakmassager list the 6 benefits a shiatsu massager will provide you instantly.

Maintains and improves body energy.

Shiatsu massager helps restore body energy by combating weakness and promoting overall wellness. It is believed that shiatsu therapy balance vital energy in the body and stimulates both nervous and immune systems by applying pressure to meridians.

Improves circulation and digestive system

Shiatsu massages stimulate our circulatory and digestive systems. A massage increases the blood flow and cell nourishment throughout the body that also helps to enhance energy levels. The digestive system allows the proper digestion of doos and helps to remove waste easily hence relieving constipation.

Revitalizes your skin

Shiatsu massages help to enhance the flow of blood vessels in the skin’s soft tissue. The massage helps to emit sebaceous gland secretions that keep our skin moist and smooth. These secretions stop skin wrinkling and make skin radiant and soft. Basically, Shiatsu massage improves the skin’s beauty and gleam with a stimulating blood supply.

Helps with migraines

Migraine is often felt on one side of the head and continues as a throbbing headache. Shiatsu massage helps in the reduction and relief of headaches as well as migraines by increasing blood flow and circulation in the head. It also relaxes the body and mind. You can get rid of painkillers for headaches and migraines when you have a shiatsu massager.

Relieves muscle aches

Shiatsu massage procedures focus more on the tension and stress points, which stimulates the blood circulation and ultimately provides relaxation in muscles and relieves aches and pains. It will also help in reducing inflammation and swelling due to arthritis. It also works effectively for post-workout muscle cramps and even menstrual muscle cramps.

Ultimate relaxation

Shiatsu massager provides ultimate relaxation during and after the massage. Stimulating stress points improves blood circulation, providing relief to stress, and you sense extreme peace of mind and body. It also helps to ease post-pregnancy depression amongst women. Moreover, it also helps pregnant women from morning sickness and nausea.

Investing in a shiatsu massager is a wise decision. People of all ages, men or women, can benefit from it. You can gain the benefits of a shiatsu massage at home, in the car, workplace, or anywhere you like,so if you want to know the best Shiatsu massager, visit here:https://www.peakmassager.com/best-shiatsu-massager/