5 Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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We all deal with stress and anxiety. It’s a natural part of our lives and plays a vital role in our very survival. Unfortunately, like most things, too much means it’s no longer good. Long-term, it can affect your mental and physical health and your quality of life.

Luckily, we’ve gathered a few easy ways you can relieve stress or anxiety at home.

Set Aside Time for Yourself

You need a little time to focus on self-care, especially if you’re struggling with stress or anxiety. Many outside factors can influence our emotions and mental state, from yelling and hyper toddlers to the news or work.

Block out an hour a day that’s just for you, and spend it doing something you love. Do some reading, listen to music, or play a game. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, browse through Me Time Box and indulge a little.

If you’re likely to end up working instead of relaxing, blot out a block on your calendar for relaxation. There’s nothing wrong with spending time on your mental wellbeing.

Exercise and Walks

Regular exercise can relieve both stress and anxiety, and there’s actual science behind its power. Strenuous physical activity releases endorphins, a chemical that naturally improves your mood.

For the best results, find exercises that you enjoy, like dancing, walking, yoga, or rock climbing. You might even start sleeping better, which will also affect your mood and mental health.


You don’t need to turn into Gandhi to experience the benefits of meditation. Just a few minutes a day can have a significant impact on your daily mindset. According to scientific research, it may even alter how your brain works, better equipping you to deal with stress and anxiety.

Hugs and Cuddles

Human touch is extremely powerful; a hug from the right person can soothe your anxiety, spark creativity, and relieve stress. In fact, studies have shown that it could even combat self-doubt or reduce existential fear.

If you need a temporary quick fix to deal with a burst of stress or worry, find a loved one and share a comforting hug. If there’s no one around, snuggle with your pet instead.

Seek Professional Help

For many of us, stress and anxiety are normal emotions, and by taking the right steps, we can deal with them. However, sometimes no amount of hugs, walks, or hours spent in meditation will help you.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a very real issue, and it can significantly impact your life. Over 6.8 million adults in the U.S. are affected, but very few get the treatment they need. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help.

Final Word: Self-Care Is Essential

Self-care has been a buzzword the last few months, and for a good reason. You need to set aside time to focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Do things that you enjoy, whether it’s reading or dancing in your underwear in the living room.

Start your day off on the right foot by including a few minutes of meditation in your morning routine. If the day’s stress becomes too much, find someone you care about and give them a big, loving hug.

Finally, if nothing else works, don’t be afraid to seek professional treatment. You deserve to live your best life, and if you need a helping hand to get there, take it.

By making a few changes, you can reduce your stress and anxiety and be healthier and happier overall.