5 Ways To Help Build Your Muscle Mass

Protein shakes

If you’re hoping to achieve a more muscular appearance and bulk up the size of your muscles, then take a look at the following information. We’re going to be covering a number of different ways you can increase your muscle mass and create a bulkier appearance. Read on to find out more.

Adding More Protein To Your Diet 

In order for your muscles to build their strength and carry out repairs, they require protein. You can get more protein in your diet from a number of different sources. If you want to get more protein in your diet, then eating foods such as lean chicken and beef are good sources. However, you don’t have to consume meat, as you can also get good levels of protein from foods such as beans and lentils, nuts, eggs, and full-fat Greek yogurt. If you’re struggling to get more protein from your diet, you can use supplements such as protein shakes to get a protein boost. They can also help with energy levels, meaning you’re able to build your muscle mass more through exercise.

SARMS Products 

Using SARMS can help you to build your muscle mass more quickly and is commonly used alongside other ways of bulking muscle. They can also be used to shred fat and become leaner, meaning muscle is better able to show through physically in your appearance. When choosing a SARMS product to take, it’s important to make sure they have purity certificates. UK SARMS is the only SARM supplier with genuine purity certs, meaning you can buy with confidence. 

Lifting Weights 

As well as your diet, you need to make sure you’ve got a good exercise plan in place if you want to build muscle. If you want to lose fat in order for muscle to show through more, then cardio exercise is best for fat burning. However, when you’re trying to bulk up muscle, the most effective way to build up muscle is to lift weights. As you build up your strength and stamina, you can start lifting heavier weights and increasing the reps you take. 

squat exercise

Increasing Calorie Intake 

Another method that those that are trying to bulk up muscle use is to increase their calorie intake. This can depend on the individual needs of the person trying to build their muscle though, and if not done properly and combined with the right amount of exercise, it can lead to fat rather than muscle gain. It’s best to seek the advice of a qualified nutritionist or personal trainer if you’re thinking of trying out this method of bulking. 

Eating More Carbohydrates 

As well as increasing calories, specifically increasing carbohydrate intake can help to build muscle. This is because carbs contain glycogen which aids in muscle repair and growth. This makes them an important part of exercise recovery and should make up a good portion of the food you consume during a heavy weights exercise plan. Carbs can be found in foods such as bread, potatoes, cereals, and oats.