5 Urgent Reasons To Visit The Dentist

dental x-ray

Dental emergencies really can happen to anyone at any time. You could be playing a game of casual cricket in the yard with your kids when a stray ball knocks out your front tooth. Or you could slip and fall, chipping several teeth; injuries can happen even when doing the most mundane of things. 

So, it’s always wise to keep the contact details for cosmetic and general dentistry, Chandler, AZ, on hand for these and other dental emergencies. 

A Chipped Tooth

A tooth chip can be caused by a head injury. However, small chips can also be created from hard foods such as nuts, bones, and even hard candy. 

Nevertheless, a chipped tooth is an emergency. Aside from the severe pain associated with tooth chips, prolonging dental care can result in further damage to the tooth, gums, and even tongue. 

Broken Teeth

While the pain of a chipped tooth is severe, the pain levels associated with a broken tooth are even more severe. Moreover, small tooth fragments can be left behind when a tooth breaks, enhancing discomfort and increasing the risk of lesions that can become infected. 

In addition, it’s also essential to visit the dentist right away if you have completely lost a tooth due to a head injury. Your dentist may recommend dental implants.

There’s Something Stuck In Between Your Teeth

If there is something stuck in between your teeth or lodged in your gums, there’s a good chance you’ll do your best to get it. However, at some point, you might be making the issue worse by lodging the tiny intruder further in. Unfortunately, if a small object is stuck in between teeth for a prolonged period, it can cause teeth to loosen and move, skewing your smile. 

Instead of causing damage to your teeth or gums that can lead to a painful infection, it’s best to contact an emergency dentist right away. 

You’ve Lost A Filling

Losing a filling is a lot more common than most would think. Unfortunately, fillings can loosen over time due to brushing and chewing. 


Whether you experience pain or not when losing a filling, it’s crucial to contact your dentist for an urgent appointment. Your dentist must clean the tooth and replace the filling before the unprotected tooth endures more damage. Bacteria and small food particles can also enter the space, increasing the risk of infection and tooth decay

Cavities And Gingivitis

While cavities and gingivitis occur gradually over time, as soon as you notice symptoms of either of these conditions, it’s vital to visit your dentist as quickly as possible. 

Cavities rapidly speed up tooth decay, so neglecting a dental appointment will inevitably lead to tooth loss. Moreover, gingivitis, or gum disease, is an infection of the gums that can also lead to eventual tooth loss. 

While there are several urgent reasons to visit your dentist, it’s also important to prioritize a dental checkup every six months to a year. During checkups, your dentist will deep clean and whiten your teeth while ensuring optimal oral health.