5 Types Of Feminized Seeds You Need To Know About

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Feminized seeds are those cannabis plants producing only female strains. These cannabis plants are modified only to produce bud-bearing female plants, hence known as feminized seeds. Most cannabis enthusiasts would know that only female cannabis plants are smokable. That makes feminized seeds, like Obama Runtz Feminized, the best option for smoking. The chief issue is that brands are flooding the market; all claim to be the best-feminized seed producers. Not only that, cannabis aficionados get bewildered with different strains and which one to pick, as all have unique aromas, potency, productivity, and tastes. The various feminized seeds certainly have a lot to offer to taste buds. We have detailed a list of five types of feminized seeds based on several factors like trends, taste options, and user preferences. You will find everything from THC levels and ingredients to body effects.

Royal Runtz

There is a reason why royal runtz tops the list of five feminized seeds. Royal runtz is a super potent weed with rampant and resinous buds. These buds contain high concentrations of THC and a few terpenes that please the tastebuds. With as much as 27% of THC, a few puffs of runtz seeds will be enough to get the desired high. This potent Californian strain is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This strain’s sweet and caramel-like potent will tempt you to go on when smoking. However, you should go slow with this strain as it is hefty until you reach your sweet spot.

Seeds like Obama Runtz Feminized result exceptionally both indoors and outdoors. If cultivated indoors, the plant size reaches 90 to 130 cm, producing 450 500g/m² up to 500g/m². After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, users harvest royal runtz, usually mid-October. Purple QueenPurple Queen is an eye-catching strain for all its beholders. Its greenish-purple colas make an excellent appeal both in gardens and growing rooms. Additionally, the brilliant pink leaves are nothing but an attraction for the eyes.

However, let’s dive deep into its science. The stunning colors of this strain are all thanks to anthocyanins. These flavonoids produce a pigment spectrum from red to black altogether. Because of the high Indica concentrations, this strain is the perfect night companion to feel the sedations of its parent varieties, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The kaleidoscopic flowers of Purple Queen produce 22% THC content and citrusy terpene essence. Despite its long flowering period of 9 to 11 weeks, it is worth the wait. Indoor plants height 80 to 120 cm and yield 500g/m², whereas outdoors plants produce 700 grams per plant with almost heightening from 175 to 210 cm.

Cookies Gelato

Girl Scout Cookie and Gelato 33 are the parents of sweet princess Cookie Gelato. Both the parent strains are one of the tastiest on the planet, giving the same genetics to this strain. Because of the Girl Scout Cookie’s fruity and earthy notes and Gelato 33’s sugary and dessert-like hints, Cookie Gelato has an exceptional tastebud-awakening terpene profile. The perfect blend of Sativa and Indica causes the mental stimulation to feel its ecstasy while the body shakes upside down.

Besides the remarkable flavors, this strain has a brutal THC content of 28%. The harvest time of Cookie Gelato is mid-October, following its 8 to 9 weeks of the flowering phase. The good thing is that both indoor and outdoor plants produce balancing, calming, and relaxing effects. The former grows from 90 to 130 cm yielding 550 – 600 gr/m2, while the latter heightens from 140 – 180 cm producing 600 – 650 gr/plant.

Fat Banana

Another type of feminized seed, Fat Banana, is a blend of two parental strains: the Banana and the OG Kush. With 70% of Indica genetics and 30% of Sativa, Fat Banana is densely THC-concentrated (25%). With multiple potential therapeutic powers and lip-smacking flavors, this strain is Indica-dominant. Not only does it induce a euphoric effect in the body, but it might also help in melting stress. Plus, Fat Banana might be a potent strain for potentially eliminating anxiety and related symptoms.

Because of the fruity savors of the Fat Banana strain, edibles like banana bread or brownies become more delicious. The good news is that Fat Banana doesn’t keep you waiting much like other feminized seeds. In 7 to 8 weeks of flowering, the indoor strain (140 cm height) produces up to 400g/m². However, the outdoor strain (2-meter height) provides 450 to 500g per plant.

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Mimosa boasts sour and citrusy yet earthy hints after getting inspired by the parents’ strains: Clementine and Purple Punch. This flavorful cultivate is a hybrid mix of Sativa dominating (70%) nature. Purple Punch buds exert a never-ending melancholy and motivation when fired up in the morning.

Mimosa plants ply creative and laughter effects on the body, perfect for uplifting mood throughout the day. Mimosa yields stout colas seeping resin while producing THC of 22% and around 1% of cannabinoid CBG. After 9 to 10 weeks of the flowering phase, the indoor Mimosa grows about 60 to 80 cm in height yielding 350 – 400 gr/m2. At the same time, the outdoor Mimosa grows a little higher, about 80 to 100 cm, and produces 500 to 550 gr/plant.

This feminized seed blooms beautifully till the middle of October until harvested.

Summing It Up

Feminized seeds have overruled users’ preferences for regular seeds. Why? Because these seeds might deliver several potential health advantages compared to the standard ones. At first sight, you will find no difference between the two. However, when science enters, the game changes. That said, feminized seeds only contain female chromosomes. From the cultivator’s point of view, feminized seeds are better and easy to grow. However, they come quite at a high price than the regular ones. So, you have to identify your requirements first before purchasing feminized seeds. And from this list, now you know the best five types of feminized seeds. Make sure to do your online research and choose your buds wisely.