5 Truths About Invisalign Treatment for Kids and Parents

Invisalign braces

Invisalign is a relatively new an orthodontic alignment system that is popular for kids since it can straigthen teeth without requiring metal braces. The teeth are covered with clear braces that look as invisible as possible, and that can be taken on and off when needed to be as incospicuous as possible. Often preferred to traditional metal braces, this orthodontic treatment for children is a good option for those parents who want to ensure their kids got their teeth precisely aligned in the most comfortable and less noticeable way possible.

Let’s explore five truths and facts about Invisalign that can help you decide if that’s the right solution for your children’s needs.

Invisalign Is A Better Solution For Kids

Invisalign is a good alternative to metal braces that is viable for both children and adults. Since kids are generally more flexible and adaptable than adults, however, they’ve an easier time tolerating something inside their mouth. This means they do not constantly try to remove the braces, are more compliant, and the results tend to be better in the long run. However, there are different solutions designed for different age groups, so in the end, your mileage may vary.

Invisalign Is Nearly Completely Invisible

Well, that would be nighly impossible – nothing in this world is 100% invisible, unless you live in a fantasy novel. However, they’re immensely less visible than traditional metal braces, even if a person il looking directly at you. Let’s put it this way: metal braces are so visible, you can notice them even if the person wearing them have their mouth closed. On the other hand, can you remember the last person you saw wearing Invisalign braces? You probably can’t, but stay sure you’ve met many people wearing them.

Invisalign Reduce The Risk Of Cavities

Besides being very comfortable to use since you can remove them at any time, they’re also much easier to clean for this same reason. Without wearing them, you can also brush and floss your teeth more carefully, preventing plaque buildup, and improving your oral hygiene. And the more your mouth is clean, the less is the risk of cavities.

brushing teeth

Applying Invisalign Is Not Painful

Knowing that the treatment required to apply the braces and wear them can be painful is a huge deterrent that keeps kids away from these orthodontic devices. Invisalign, on the other hand, do not cause pain during application, and are usually not associated with any discomfort while wearing them on an everyday basis. Even in those who experienced some mild discomfort, it normally subsides within a couple of days.

You Can Eat Everything You Desire

How many foods are off-limits with traditional braces? Tasty gummies, crunchy nuts, and even those temptic pop-corns while you’re at the movies are a big no-no if you wear metal braces. With Invisalign, instead, you can alway remove the trays before eating, so really nothing is off-limits.


Invisalign are by all means, a better, more modern solution than traditional metal braces. While you always need to seek your dentist’s advice before choosing them, they’re usually an efficient and comfortable alternative.