5 tips to effectively manage your asthma

Asthma treatment

There is more to managing your asthma than merely using an inhaler. For every person, there will be a set of triggers that is unique to them and getting an awareness of these is a good place to start. From there it becomes how to plan your day, every day, so that you can get the most out of life and live to the full extent possible. Whether you have severe asthma or only suffer occasionally, it is important that you develop methods for controlling external stressors and also techniques for dealing with attacks when they occur. As everybody with asthma will know, there can often be little warning to a big attack. So, don’t sidestep the responsibility of protecting yourself, take control now and make sure you don’t end up in a bad situation.


Make a Thorough Plan

The goal of any asthma management plan should be to reduce the amount of symptoms you are having and control them in the best way you can. In order to do this, come up with a thorough asthma action plan and ensure that everybody you stay with and everybody in your family knows the score. If you are having any difficulties and they begin to worsen, be safe and call 911. There is no point waiting for the situation to escalate beyond the time at which you can still do something about it. Don’t make yourself suffer, call the doctor.


Know Your Medications and Doses

Whether you are an adult managing your own symptoms or a parent managing those of your child, always keep a copy of your action plan with you and make sure that every place you spend a lot of time has a copy. Do not let yourself run out of vital medications, and try to shop around to make sure you and your health care provider are getting the best deal you can possibly get. Check out this link for a free Symbicort coupon and ensure that the prices you pay are in line with the prices offered by other companies. Do not let yourself pay over the odds for vital medication, with the internet and the widespread availability of information it has never been easy to measure what you are paying against the standard market rate. If it’s the same product at the same dose for less money, buy it. Don’t waste precious health resources.


Clean Your House Thoroughly

Asthma is characterized by different triggers, and although these may be slightly different for each person, dust mites and other mitochondria can cause reactions in most sufferers. Read up about the types of irritants you are likely to find in your home, and make sure that you are doing everything you can to get rid of them in each room.


Tell Everyone

If your friends, family and colleagues know that you suffer from asthma, it will come as no surprise if you start to get short of breath and need assistance. Keep your medication to hand and familiarize the closest people in your life with what it is and how you use it, just in case you need them to fetch it for you in an emergency.