5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship


There’s nothing better than connecting with another person emotionally, romantically and physically. However, if you want to keep the spark alive and end up with a healthy and strong relationship, both of you need to invest a lot of work. While no relationship is perfect 24/7, good relations make people feel good more than they make them feel bad. Achieving this takes work and plenty of cooperation and compromise. Want to build a healthy and loving relationship with your partner? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Communication is definitely one of the most important elements of every relationship that lasts. Keeping issues for yourself might prevent confrontation, but not for long. It’s always best to take issues out in the sun—people are not mind-readers. When you’re upset, make sure to avoid childish behaviors like silent treatment and talk about your issues. If you find yourself in an argument, make sure to use that event to learn something about each other. Listen instead of just screaming and allow your partner to really hear your words.

Time spent together

In order to strengthen your compatibility and connection, you need to spend time together. Sure, you’re probably busy with work, studies, meetings and events, but saving time for your significant other should be a regular part of your daily schedule. You can easily schedule a date night if you can’t set up something spontaneous—use that time to do something fun together like making dinner, watching a movie or having a long evening walk. Essentially, no matter what you do, spending time together will bring you a lot of good.


Physical contact is vital for a successful relationship (for most people). Sex builds connections and encourages the production of happy hormones that make your relationship deeper and more meaningful. Additionally, sex is really healthy for your body and mind. It’s a great stress-reliever and it can offer a break from life, work and school. However, make sure not to jump straight into sex, even if you have years of experience behind you.

For the best experience, make sure to communicate and tell your partner what you want. If things got a little stale in the bedroom, you can even check out some new ways to enjoy your life together. This will help you keep things fresh and interesting. And remember not to pressure your partner or allow yourself to be pressured into sex—consent is sexy and it’s a must.

You can practice sexiness even if you choose not to have actual sex. If you know your partner loves when you play the big spoon or help with chores, make sure to keep things sexy your way. Talk about what “keeping it sexy” means in your relationship.

Time spent apart

Spending time together is important, but you also need to have your ‘me-time’ in order to strengthen your relationship. When you’re apart, you will cherish the time you spend together more and not take it for granted. Additionally, being surrounded by people 24/7, even if it’s your loved ones, is not healthy. So make sure to have plenty of alone time and spend time with your own friends.

People want closeness but also crave space, so if you can find that sweet spot in between, you might have a bright future as a couple. Striking a balance between freedom and warmth of a relationship will allow you to keep your individuality and share your best parts with your partner.

Be honest and vulnerable

Vulnerability is a straight path towards emotional intimacy, so make sure to be honest about how you feel. Share your fears as well as your wishes, needs and hopes. This practice will allow your partner truly see who you are, no filters. However, it’s important to be honest, but you should carefully pick your battles. If you vocalize every critical thought that comes to your mind, you risk bringing a very toxic and negative vibe into your relationship. In certain situations, you might want to keep your thoughts for yourself.

As you can see, a strong relationship won’t just fall from the sky straight into your lap. In order to have a healthy connection with your partner, you both need to put in the work. Luckily, if you keep these tips in mind, you will get to enjoy a fun, emotionally stable and healthy relationship that has the potential to last forever.