5 recovery centers that serve clients across the USA


When trying to get clean from substance abuse, alcoholism, or personality disorders, there is no shame in asking for help. Trying to better yourself and improve your quality of life is something that is admirable, but oftentimes takes a team of professionals to help you achieve.

While searching for the best rehabilitation facility in the USA, you may find that is the best choice for you to find one that has a long-standing reputation, trustworthy reviews, certified doctors and nurses, and multiple locations across the nation. If a center has multiple locations, this usually means it is a trusted and certified organization with a high success rate. 

Let’s see the top rehabilitation facilities in America to help patients get clean and take back their lives. 

The top-rated recovery centers in the United States

Bay Area Recovery Center

With multiple locations across Texas, Bay Area Recovery Center has been helping people get clean for nearly 20 years. Providing full services, medical detoxification programs, inpatient programs, outpatient services, and interventionists for drug and alcohol abuse, this is an accredited and reputable center to help those in need.

The staff are all medical professionals who are well versed in helping patients with drug and alcohol detoxification, often the first step in getting clean and seeking help. The treatment programs are personalized to the individual, helping people stay sober once they leave and reach their goals. 

The rehabilitation centers work with various insurance companies to ensure almost all individuals can seek treatment. With drug and detox programs, men and women inpatient addiction treatment, outpatient addiction treatment, and alcohol detoxification programs, these facilities are trained to help addicts break the cycle.

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Ocean Breeze Recovery

This drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is located in the beautiful and picturesque Pompano Beach, Florida. Listed on the American Addiction Centers National Rehabs Directory, this facility earned 4.6 stars out of 257 reviews. 

This facility focuses on intensive outpatient services, inpatient programs, residential treatment, behavioral disorder plans, dual-diagnosis treatment, detox services, sober living facilities, outpatient services, and telehealth for constant check-ins while living in a different city. 

At Ocean Breeze Recovery, the professional staff focuses on treating each individual with a personalized program to find the root cause of the addiction, challenges they may face, and specific needs from theri program. With 24-hour inpatient care, residential treatment, and outpatient programs, this recovery center is a good choice for those who want a structured environment. 

Journey Pure

With multiple locations in Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee, this credible recovery center is one of the top options for those living in the southern states. People come to these locations from all over the country, showing the reputability and positive reviews from past patients. 

The success rates at Journey Pure are very high due to the rehabilitation philosophy- the team here focuses on the WHY behind addiction, helping treat the reason individuals choose to drink or do drugs.

At all of the treatment centers, they provide an accountability coach for when patients leave the facility to stay connected and stay accountable. 

The Recovery Village

With multiple rehab centers for addiction treatment, The Recovery Village helps patients in Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Washington, and New Jersey. The adult rehab centers offer a wide range of services, provide comprehensive plans for after rehab, and offer detoxification programs, residential living, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs. 

Along with the aforementioned programs, The Recovery Village offers sober living for those who need extra attention and a controlled environment during their rehabilitation. 

The flagship recovery center is in Umatilla, Florida, while there are various other locations, like Orlando, Lake Worth, Miami, Columbus, Palmer Lake, Ridgefeild, Vancouver, and Cherry Hill.

Along with the adult rehab centers, there are sober living facilities designed for treatment for those addicted to drugs. These facilities are located in Sebring, Florida, Upper Marlboro, MD, and Maitland, Florida, making recovery accessible to those who live in multiple locations across the country. 

Thousands of patients have left high reviews for these facilities on Google, showing the credibility and trustworthiness of this organization. There are 1885 reviews on Google and the company earned 4.4 stars out of 5. Due to the multiple reviews demonstrating the effective treatment, proven methods, qualified staff, and favorable amenities, choosing to attend one of the Recovery Village treatment centers is an educated step in your recovery process. 


Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged has multiple locations in Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, and Texas, offering clients 24-hour medical staffing, luxurious amenities, private bathrooms, and in-house chefs to make patients as comfortable as possible when seeking treatment.

This rehabilitation center offers medical detox, behavioral rehab, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, sober living, and intervention programs. 

  • The medical detoxification program helps you deal with the unwanted side effects during the immediate withdrawal period, offering compassionate support and relief of symptoms during the first days of symptoms.
  • Behavioral rehab focuses on intuitive and personalized rehabilitation programs that lets you determine the root cause of substance abuse.
  • Inpatient treatment lets you heal without the daily distractions of life in a controlled setting.
  • Outpatient treatment lets you benefit from customized outpatient care that lets you carry on with work, school, or daily living.
  • Sober living is accommodation to help you stay sober and stay focused during treatment. 
  • Interventionists are ready to help you work with your loved ones to find the best treatment plan for your issues. 


As you can see, choosing the best rehabilitation center is crucial to making the next step in your recovery. By finding an organization that has customized plans, luxurious amenities, professional staff, and follow-up check-ins after you leave is key to keeping you on track and staying sober. 

Choosing a rehabilitation center with multiple locations can make it easy to find a reputable and trustworthy company that lets your friends and family help with your recovery process. We recommend deciding between the BAy Area Recovery Center, Recovery Unplugged, Recovery Village, Journey Pure, or Ocean Breeze Recovery to help you reclaim your life.