5 Reasons Why You Need Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


When Mom used to tell you to put your best foot forward, she had good intentions but missed the mark. In the real world, very few people are looking at your feet. A better phrase would be “put your best face forward”, as that’s the body part we most frequently present first – to friends, family, work associates, and more.

Getting your face in the best possible condition to see the world may include following a regimen of gentle soap and water for cleansing, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Angela Dunlap, Director of VCI Med Spa in Tinley Park says there’s actually more to it than that. “Getting regular skin rejuvenation treatments is very important in keeping your skin in the best shape possible.” Dr. Eugene Tanquilut, Medical Director at VCI, explains that there are five primary reasons to get your skin professionally treated.

1) Truly clean your skin

That soap and water works for daily cleansing, but skin rejuvenation treatments go beyond just a wash. “Professional treatments will detox your skin and open your pores to remove excess oil, dead skin or just plain dirt,” says Angela. “Your pores can clog because of hormonal changes, dry skin, sun damage or a build up of dead skin. 

When pores clog and the skin closes over the top of the pore, you get pimples. Rejuvenation allows us to extract blackheads and whiteheads. We’ll get your skin to be truly clean and to really breathe again. It also helps reduce enlarged pores, giving you a smoother look.”

 2) Promote healthy circulation to reduce aging

It feels wonderful to get a body massage, and the facial massage that happens during a skin rejuvenation feels just as great. That’s because massage stimulates blood flow. “Healthy blood flow brings oxygen to your skin,” says Dr. Tanquilut. “And it’s not just oxygen. You’ll also get a surge of nutrients that will feed your skin cells, helping them recover from any damage faster and more thoroughly. When skin is fed richly oxygenated blood and needed nutrients, it boosts cell regeneration and collagen development. This helps plump your skin, erasing fine lines.”

3) Minimize marks, bumps, spots and scarring

Sun damage, wind damage, acne, and more all take a toll on exposed skin, making you look older, explains Angela. Skin rejuvenation treatments use custom formulas, selected by your professional specifically for your skin, to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, acne scars, and acne itself. Treatments help improve the texture and surface of your skin and even your skin tone. 

“Chemical peels renew and exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin and exposing fresh skin that is smoother and brighter,” says Angela. “You will look younger and more relaxed with just one treatment – and regular treatments will enhance and improve that look.”

4) Professionals will do it right

Yes, your corner drugstore is full of masks, peels, moisturizers, and more that might cost a little less than professional treatment – and could end up costing you much more. Dr. Tanquilut says, “When you use a certified, educated and trained professional, your treatment will be successful. 

At VCI Med Spa, our technicians are of the highest quality, nurses or nurse practitioners. Not only are they trained in esthetics, they are also trained in overall health. Make sure your technicians understand evidence-based science and don’t be afraid to ask why they are recommending a certain product or procedure over another.” 

Using products you think might work based on advertising or reading a label in a drug store can cause serious damage to your skin, explains Dr. Tanquilut. “Allergic reactions can be very mild or they can cause extreme swelling, redness, and skin damage. Don’t take a chance. When you want a thorough skin rejuvenation treatment, call a professional.”

5) Skin rejuvenation makes you feel great!

Looking better, fresher and younger makes you feel fantastic. You’ll have more confidence and move through your world with assurance and poise. You’ll have more determination in your career and more spirit in your personal relationship. “When you look good, you feel good,” says Angela. “When you look younger, you tend to be more open-minded about your own abilities, opening up new opportunities for you, both personal and professional.”

Improving Both Your Appearance and Your Outlook 

Angela recommends finding a trusted professional in your area and building a relationship through regular appointments. “Your technician will help you understand what types of treatments are best for your skin, how frequently you’ll need to have treatments, and how to care for your skin between treatments. Regular skin rejuvenation will change your skin, change your appearance and change your outlook about yourself.” 

VCI Med Spa is located in Tinley Park, Illinois. The practitioners and aestheticians are meticulously trained in aesthetics, vein care and sexual wellness technology. It is the only med spa in Chicagoland with board certified, fellowship trained surgeons on sites.