5 Reasons Why Pet Ownership is Great for Older Adults


Most people have pets who they consider as their family members. This is something that is true with having dogs or cats. They become part of the family and eventually get the care that is given to a child. This is how important pets are for most people. There are different reasons why they are treated this way. One of which is the happiness they give to their owners.

Older adults, especially those who are living in assisted living retirement homes, may feel lonely at times. This is because of the changes that are happening in their lives. The usual activities they do before such as working are no longer part of their everyday life. This may lead to the feeling of isolation and for some; this can also be a reason for them to feel bad. There are different ways on how to encourage older adults to appreciate the new and exciting life they have now. One of which is to allow them to own pets. There are different advantages they will be able to experience when they have a dog, cat, or any pet they want to own.

Here are the most important reasons why pet ownership is great for older adults:

Provides Security

Living alone, especially among older adults, may lead to feelings of uncertainty about their physical and emotional security. It may make them feel anxious or conscious about their daily life. Having a pet will give them the companionship they may be looking for. When you have a dog, you know that you are safe, and they give the feeling of comfort. This is one of the most important things that having a pet can give you. Security is important especially when you are older. It is vital to be living in a space where you feel secure, calm, and happy.

Increase Social Interaction

One of the feelings that getting old may bring is isolation. Family members are always busy, and some friends may be in other places. Now that they have a lot of time, you also need to have activities to do. This is to ensure that you are not going to feel depressed nor isolated. Having a pet will teach you how to increase your social interaction. This is one thing that is true about having a dog or cat. They constantly need attention, and you can talk to them. Pets are sweet and they have a lot of energy. Talking to them will give you the confidence to communicate.

Dogs also need to go out for a walk. These regular walks are also great reasons for you to go out and interact with other people. Just being able to accompany them is one great way to connect with the other people around you.

dog sleeping

Helps Seniors Stick to a Routine

Older adults who are living in an assisted living home may also feel bored. Staying at home and not being required to go out to work is something that may change the way they look at life. The feeling of boredom can lead to sadness and depression. This is the reason why seniors must have a routine. Having a pet can give you the sense of responsibility to care for them on a regular basis. You need to feed them, bathe them, and even go out with them for a walk.

These things can be added to the everyday things that you need to do. A routine like this can help older adults feel like they have a busy and productive day. It can boost their emotions and make them feel like they have a purpose in life.

Keep Aging Adults Active

Even at a senior age, you also have to be active. Exercises, simple brisk walking, and a few hours of stretching can help your body achieve good circulation and function. Aging can make the body weaker, and it can also lessen flexibility. This is why you also need to move. If you have a pet, you will be able to go out regularly for a walk with them. Dogs are very energetic. You will find yourself wanting to walk around with them just to be able to drain that energy from them.

Having a dog is also one of the reasons why people go out and walk in the park during the afternoon. It is also one of the good reasons why you should be going out in the morning. Aging should not be a reason for our energy to deteriorate. There are different activities that you can do together with your pet. With their company, you do not have to do things on your own. Every day will certainly be more exciting and interesting for you.

Reduces Stress

Stress is something that we cannot avoid. This is one of the results of the problems we face every day and the activities that we need to do. There are other factors that lead to stress. The best way for us to be able to lessen it is to give ourselves a chance to do things that can make us happy. Playing with a dog and communicating with them is proven as one of the ways to lessen stress. They have the vibe that can make your mood better just by being there.

Dogs and cats are the best pets because you can hug them. By spending a few minutes of hours with your pet, you will realize how much of your stress and negative feelings are gone. At the end of a tiring day, a few minutes of cuddles and hugs with your dog will save you from the feeling of stress that you have accumulated during the day.

In conclusion, pets are not only great companions for older adults. They can be your family members who are capable of showing you the love and care you so deserve. Dogs, cats, and other pets are perfect companions during a happy day and they are also great comforters during sad days.