Transforming Health: 5 Reasons to Support a Charitable Organization

A child from Montenegro - Photo by: Alexandra Zakharova

Many health organizations across the world depend on the kindness of strangers to provide essential services to those who need it most. Without their help, a registered charity like ekplatebiryani would be
unable to make a positive difference to the health and quality of life of others. If you are looking for ways to help a community, here are five reasons to support a charitable organization.

1. Give Back to Society

There are various ways to give back to society, such as volunteering, or visiting a free health clinic to help assist nurses and doctors while on a medical mission. If, however, you’re stuck for time and would like to make a positive difference to many people, make a monthly donation to organizations such as the Red Cross. By doing so, you could help the charity to provide lifesaving blood to hospital patients, ensure that emergency shelters have access to hot meals and snacks for families, and train individuals in CPR to save other people’s lives.

2. Lower Your Tax Bill

Charitable contributions cannot only help support a community, but can also decrease your annual tax burden. For example, you can report the sum you donated to one or more organizations in your taxable income when you do your taxes online. It can be an effective way to lower your tax bill while also supporting essential charities and improving the lives of others. If your business is in a high tax bracket, it could help your organization to save a substantial amount of money each year.

3. Boost Your Happiness

In addition to supporting communities and lowering your yearly tax bill, giving to charity can boost your general happiness. According to a study by the University of Missouri, people who routinely make charitable donations reported higher feelings of contentment and joy compared to those who don’t. So, if you want to feel happier each day, aim to donate an affordable amount to a charitable organization each month.

4. Decrease Your Stress Levels

According to a study published in the Clinical Psychological Journal, helping others can decrease a person’s stress levels. The research found that people who performed daily acts of kindness experienced less stress, whereas they felt more stressed and greater negativity on the days they were unable to do so.

Another study from the University of Tennessee and John Hopkins University found that people who give to charity experienced lower blood pressure and lower stress levels compared to those who do not make donations.

Regularly donating to a registered charity could ultimately help you to experience less stress in your life. As a result, you could reduce your risk of various health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease or mental health disorders.

5. Strengthen Personal Values

Giving to charity can also improve your social conscience. By pledging to donate a specific sum each month, you could feel attached to an organization and its efforts. It can ultimately make you feel more responsible for improving others’ lives, and could strengthen your values and ethics.

So, if you want to feel happier, healthier, and make a positive difference, consider supporting a charitable organization of your choice.