5 Reasons for Losing Your Dental License in California

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There are several reasons California dentists can have their license revoked, which can be embarrassing, painful, and frustrating. Often, this happens in front of the Dental Board of California, which isn’t very kind or caring.

This post will try to assist you in avoiding a revocation by pointing out the five most common ways a dentist’s license can be revoked, and they can do so by pointing out the methods a dentist can avoid a revocation.

Substance Abuse

Dentists seeking to practice dentistry are required by their regulatory bodies to remain sober and have a clear mind. Consequently, if they discover that you are misusing alcohol or drugs, they will most likely pursue suspension or revocation of your professional license. It is worth mentioning, however, that many licensing authorities will be able to assist you in obtaining rehabilitation if you are transparent and upfront with them about your addiction problems.

However, there are some incidences where the overseeing bodies can have a wrong impression and mistakenly take away your license even if you don’t have addiction issues. In such a case, you can seek help from a dental license defense attorney.

Insurance Fraud

Like in any other profession, dentists always demand ethics and honesty. When dealing with insurance providers, this is especially true. In other words, let’s say you purposefully enter false insurance codes, alter patient data, or apply different rates to uninsured patients than insured ones. If that’s the case, you’ll have a hard time getting a license. Typically, it’s advised not to indulge in insurance fraud temptations if you want to maintain your medical license.

Prescription Drug Violations

Your medical license gives you the right to give your clients medical services that could save their lives. But dentist’s prescription pad is also a significant responsibility. What if the medical licensing board finds that you are giving people medication they don’t need, running a pill mill, or misusing your authority in some other way? In that scenario, they won’t hesitate to start an investigation into what you’ve done. And by the time the investigation is over, you may no longer have your license to work as a dentist.

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Patient Abuse

Patients and their loved ones put a lot of trust in you as a dentist to deliver your services with a high level of professionalism. But if they discover you are abusing your patients and misusing their trust, they’ll almost certainly push for investigations from a licensing board. The fastest ways to lose a medical license are to verbally, physically, or sexually abuse your clients.

Unethical Behavior

You are required to treat every patient fairly in your role as a dentist. If it is discovered that you have discriminated against any of your patients based on their age, race, or religion, the licensing board is likely to put you to task severely. Licensed medical professionals do not accept unethical or discriminatory conduct like this.

Bottom Line 

You should have a valid medical license to practice medicine in the United States. Your license proves that the state granted it feels you have the knowledge, training, reputation, and temperament necessary to practice medicine.

Licenses to practice medicine are not, however, always granted. The licensing authority will not hesitate to cancel your license if they have any grounds to believe you are misusing it.