5 Reasons Dogs Are The Best Stress Busters

happy dog

With the busy day-to-day schedule, people hardly get time to peep inside their tired souls. A bit of meditation or practicing yoga calms down the ‘racing’ mind, although different people have different ways to cope with stress. But nothing can beat the association of an adorable pet dog! Their ‘selfless’ love and constant presence act as the biggest mind boosters to the owner. They are the continuous support over any social issue, if not vocally, but with their presence, owing to various benefits over their owner’s health. Thus plan to adopt one furry dog buddy for yourself by keeping all the five reasons behind its positive presence in your life, as discussed below.

Act as mind boosters

The human brain is very complex and in constant communication with both humans and other mammals. Human oxytocin levels increase in both species when babies are separated from their mother during the perinatal period, and this is when oxytocin helps to maintain the bonding between mother and child.

Because humans are not in the wild, oxytocin cannot be produced in the human body, and the only way for humans to experience the bonding that oxytocin promotes is when the two of them interact with dogs. When humans interact with dogs, the oxytocin levels in both humans and dogs increase as a result of the two species sharing the experience. This is one reason that so many dog owners have become very involved in raising their pets. When a human and dog get together for bonding time, the dog’s body releases a flood of hormones that increase the bonding between humans and dogs.

Control over blood pressure

It is a proven fact that any dog-owner’s blood pressure remains in the normal range compared to the others. The effect of the dog’s company on human beings acts based on a biological process that is common to both human beings and dogs, that is, the release of the endorphins, causing an immediate and rapid lowering of blood pressure. This lowering of blood pressure causes the human being to feel a great amount of relief.
While petting these cute canines, you should believe in the concept of ‘touch therapy.’ This kind of therapeutic measure is widespread amongst the pets and their owners, especially the four-legged canines. Cuddling the ball of fur and playing or serving his favorite meal from Pet Life in the dog feeders keeps the stress at bay!

Increase motivation

A brisk walk or a mild jog early in the morning stands any day a positive effect on your body, soul, and mind. But doing the same with your pet canine buddy caters for a different feeling altogether. Studies have shown that dogs motivate owners to exercise but not necessarily make them want to work out. Instead, they motivate owners to exercise by using various cues that make them realize that they need to do something to keep their dog healthy, happy, and active.

Research also shows that dogs motivate owners to exercise by making them feel connected to their dog. The companionship matters the most, as the four-legged partner helps in relieving stress, and the overall health of his owner.

Social support

By the aid of owning a dog, you turn into a social human being. While out for a walk with your pet pooch, you become more of a social. We believe in stopping for a while and interacting with others. It thus gives us all the chances of extending our social networking with friends and other associates. This entire activity stands as a great stress buster while managing health from all positive sides.

Aid in fighting stress and loneliness

Dogs help in fighting loneliness, and stress in human beings is real. There is something special about the relationship between humans and dogs. We love to pet them; we love to play with them and to cuddle with them. Their wagging tail will help in turning around a bad day of yours. We never leave them alone, and we always have a friend by their side to support them. Much research has proven that the dogs cater to a ‘feel-good’ factor to their owners, which eliminates the negative feelings. Thus, for most individuals, owning a pet canine outweighs all the drawbacks of life.

Final Thoughts

We all prefer having a silent listener while we are conversing or sharing our problems. And none but a good companion stands perfect for the same. The pet pooches act as efficiently as a silent listener and present themselves positively as the ‘supportive’ partner to their owner.

The furry buddy has the innate quality to reduce stress by being the utmost motivational factor in their owner’s life. The above mentioned five reasons help clarify the same, by successfully portraying dogs to act as the most significant stress busters.