The 5 Most Common Male Sexual Problems

Male problems

Men across the world are experiencing various sexual problems that affect their confidence, relationship and, of course, their sex life. Unfortunately, many people are often too embarrassed to address the issues affecting their lives. However, in most cases, the problems are easily treated. For this reason, we’re looking at the 5 most common male sexual health problems and what you can do to fix them.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a common sexual problem that affects 52% of men worldwide. It is the inability to maintain or achieve an erection to have sex, and happens when not enough blood flow reaches the penis to sustain an erection.

It’s advisable anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction speaks to a doctor, as it can sometimes be the first symptom of cardiac or vascular disease. A doctor will often receive the underlying cause to provide the right treatment. For example, the problem may be caused by high cholesterol, obesity, smoking or a health condition. As well as altering your lifestyle, shytobuy UK provides various pills, creams and capsules available on the market that can provide a helpful solution to erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual issue for men younger than 40 years old. It often occurs within two minutes of sexual stimulation. If you’re suffering from this problem, you will be happy to learn there are various options available to help you last longer. For example, you can buy delay wipes, gels and sprays, which will improve your sexual performance and satisfaction.

Peyronie’s Disease

This common sexual health complaint involves a curvature or narrowing of the penis. In some cases, the condition can be painful and may prevent a person from having sex.

The problem is caused by scar tissue, which could be a result of a previous injury. Erection pain can often disappear after one or two years; however, the curvature may remain. Surgery is an option, but there is a risk of side effects.

Prolonged Erection

A prolonged erection, known as priapism, will last commonly for more than four hours. Those who experience the problem must seek medical help immediately. It’s vital to attend an emergency room within eight hours of the erection for treatment, as this will prevent permanent damage to the penis.

Prolonged erections might be caused by side effects from certain medications or substances, such as psychiatric medications or cocaine use. The treatment options include medication to limit the blood flow to the penis, a needle to drain excess blood from the penis or surgery.


Many sexual problems can often be treated by making simple changes to your lifestyle, such as diet, exercise and quitting smoking. While medication may be needed in some cases, a healthy diet and exercise routine can increase a person’s testosterone levels and sexual function. However, there are some problems that could be due to an underlying health problem or a psychological issue, which you will need to address with a doctor. Many marriage counselors are available online, however, if you are looking for a higher degree of confidentiality.