5 Medical Cosmetic Procedures Men Should Try

Male Hair

Men are often less conscious about their looks, but things have changed over the years. American males want to look their best, even if they have to spend on cosmetic procedures. The good thing is that the medical cosmetic industry is extending viable treatment options to males rather than confining itself to women only. If you want to look handsome and young regardless of your age, there are several procedures to explore. Even as they require you to spend time and money, their results make them worthwhile. Let us highlight the most popular options that young and old American men should try.


Microdermabrasion facials are no longer only for women, and men are embracing them with aplomb. The process involves deep cleaning of your skin, reaching its second layer. It eliminates bacteria underneath the surface, removes blackheads and whiteheads, and clears pigmentation of the skin. A short LED light therapy treatment is enough to rejuvenate your skin, and you deserve it as much as a woman does.

Laser facial

Another cosmetic treatment worth trying is laser facial as it offers incredible results for males and females. The benefits include correcting pigmentation, reducing acne scars, and curbing the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The technique uses short and concentrated laser beams on irregular skin to remove skin layer by layer. You end up with a cleaner and younger-looking complexion after the treatment.

Laser hair removal

Although facial and body hair is a part of the male anatomy, you may want to get rid of them at some point. Laser hair removal is a popular medical treatment that can help you clear them for good. The procedure eliminates razor bumps and ingrown hair and leaves you with smooth, clear skin. Consider yourself lucky if you live in New York. You can find a reputed clinic for mens hair removal nyc because this area has some of the best around. Invest in the treatment and get a step closer to a clean and flawless complexion.

Laser pigmentation

Males are more susceptible to skin pigmentation as they spend more time outdoors. Thankfully, you can rely on laser pigmentation to get rid of the spots and scars for good. The treatment involves the use of laser beams to clear the old skin and reveal the rejuvenated lighter layer underneath. It works for sun damage, dark spots, and under-eye circles, so you can use it for a range of problems.

Laser vein removal

Visible veins can make you self-conscious, regardless of your gender. Even worse, they are often challenging to address. Laser is the best option to get rid of visible veins without surgery or downtime. The procedure uses a high-beam laser for treating the visible vessels. The results are seen right away, and you can expect complete healing within three sessions. The treatment leaves the skin looking clear, smooth, and more youthful.

If you want to steer clear of skin problems, these medical cosmetic treatments can help. They are safe, effective, and affordable, so you can go ahead with them without thinking twice.