5 Best Natural Herbs For Your Cannabis Mix

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For centuries, people are enjoying the flavor and aroma of different herbs. Amazingly, along with their distinct taste, most of the culinary herbs also impart innumerable health benefits. Traditionally used for headaches, stomach problems, cold, and body aches, each herb has its own set of usefulness. Herbs go solo, but if you combine, herbs can enhance the flavors as well as the healing properties. One such perfect combination stands with cannabis.

Cannabis offers countless therapeutic benefits for many physical and psychological ailments when used alone. It is a powerful herb you can smoke, vape, and use in edibles. Topical administration in the form of oil, lotions, and balms are also quite common. But you can escalate the restorative properties of this miracle plant with other natural herbs. Here are the five best natural herbs that can be an excellent mix with cannabis. 

Holy Basil

The most valued medicinal plant, holy basil can treat health issues including, diabetes, cold, fever, and flu. With its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, it can promote several health benefits. Regular use of basil can strengthen the nerve and brain tissues. Good for acne, topical basil application is also used to treat ringworms. It is a potent adaptogen that reduces the body’s cortisol levels and combats the negative effect of stress.

With similar qualities, basil compliments the therapeutic effect of cannabis to reduce anxiety and stress. From impeding cell damage to inhibiting cancer cell growth, both plant extracts can protect healthy cells. A blend of both can be either smoked or used as oil for topical administrations in acne and other inflammatory skin problems. Holy basil this imparts a natural synergy with cannabis to increase its efficacy on various health issues. Kratom

Found in South-East Asia, the leaves of Kratoms, are used for medicinal or recreational purposes. People often use it for depression, anxiety, cough, and as an alternative to painkillers drugs. Lower doses of kratom are effective in causing alertness and help in withdrawal from opioid drugs. To reap all benefits, you can buy Kratom Products in 2020 at cheap rates from various online dispensaries. Like cannabis, kratoms are widely used as a natural pain-reliever without dependency and overdose. Combining small portions of the ingredients will help alleviate pain, including joint pain, back pain, and fibromyalgia. By relieving anxiety and stress, these herbs can guard against insomnia and other psychological disorders.

Magic Mushroom

Psilocybin present in magic mushrooms has the potential to treat various diseases including anxiety. Being all-natural, integrating magic mushrooms with cannabis can enhance relaxation. Cannabis with mushrooms can reduce anxiety, manage stress, and improve mood, without any side effects like other prescribed antidepressants. Both can generate feel-good hormone dopamine and serotonin to improve your psychological health and boost your brain functioning. With high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, a combination of both can help fight cancer and restrict the growth of tumor cells in the body. A perfect mix of both can boost the immunity of the body and prevent tissue damage.


Rich in vitamins K, E, C, thiamine, and copper, sage has been used throughout history for culinary purposes and medicinal benefits. It contains a variety of flavonoids and phenolic acids that produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Primarily used for digestive problems, including gastritis, bloating, and loss of appetite, sage is also used for depression, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Topical administration before sun exposure can even prevent sunburn.

The Combination of dried leaves with cannabis can improve mood, memory, and reduce anxiety. You can also use them in herbal tea or add to your recipe to get the nutritional benefits of both.


One of the most ancient herb Chamomile is a powerhouse of medicinal properties, just like cannabis. The flavonoids present in chamomile have a healing effect on many health-related problems like stress, insomnia, fever, inflammation, wounds, gastrointestinal disorder, and more. Like cannabis, chamomile’s anticarcinogenic and antioxidant qualities make it a potential cancer treatment. The potential benefits of chamomile adds to the similar properties of cannabis to strengthen the overall effect with a soothing taste. Chamomile tea is a popular herbal concoction, but you can try vaping for instant results with cannabis.

The bottom line

 Incorporating herbs into your routine is an easy way to improve your health and wellness. Apart from smoking, cannabis and herbs integrate to make many culinary delights and refreshing beverages. But before experimenting, you should remember that every natural thing doesn’t mean it is safe. Herbs, including cannabis, can show some side-effects and react with the other prescribed medicines. As a precaution, you should consult a herbalist or your doctor for better guidance. In case you are too excited to try it for yourself, keep the doses low to experience the ultimate pleasure and health benefits, simultaneously.