5 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Computer Cart

medical cart

Clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities continuously find ways to provide the best services to patients. However, maintaining high-quality patient care despite increases in hospital occupancy rate, medical cases, and decreasing healthcare-worker-to-patient ratio is challenging.

Quality patient care delivery has always been the priority of healthcare workers, and advanced technology can further improve workflow. A mobile computer cart is must-have equipment in healthcare facilities nowadays for many good reasons, which will be discussed further below.

1. Promotes Good Quality Patient Care

A mobile computer cart is an indispensable piece of equipment with the ability to carry medications, medical tools, and equipment. Here’s how mobile computer carts can help provide high-quality patient care:

Immediate Access to Emergency Devices:

Emergency rooms are usually equipped with mobile computer workstations. However, other departments can benefit from a well-organized mobile computer cart too. With this equipment, a healthcare worker can immediately use a defibrillator and paddles as needed to improve response times and save lives. 

Immediate Access to Patient Information:

A mobile computer cart provides instant access to patient data, so doctors and nurses can verify the information and offer prompt medical treatment without delays.

Enhanced Patient Data Security:

Mobile computer workstations have password-protected systems on laptops. Encryption technology enables safe data transfer and storage. This technology helps secure medicine drawers and other sensitive medical supplies and equipment with biometric locking systems to safeguard patients and staff.

Doctor and her patient

2. Improves Productivity

Doctors visit patients and travel throughout the hospital. They can use mobile computer workstations on each floor as an information hub before and after patient consultation. Doctors can check the patient history, most up-to-date test results, and progress notes, without returning to the nurses’ station. 

Mobile workstations can save time and effort that can be spent on more productive and meaningful activities, such as listening to patients, conveying medical opinions, delivering excellent quality care, and discussing treatment options.

3. Promotes Better Workflow Efficiency

A powered mobile computer cart helps improve workflow, configured for medication dispensing, data processing, point-of-care access, and more. Customization options can also be added, such as vital signs monitoring and barcode-documented delivery.

Staff can get everything at hand and spend less time entering data, gathering supplies, and relaying information. Healthcare workers have more time to provide excellent care to their patients.

Take a look at the features of mobile computer workstations that help promote improved workflow efficiency:

  • Height-adjustable workstation 
  • Retractable keyboard trays
  • Slimline baskets attached to the sides 
  • Drawers fit neatly under the computer
  • Space for a double-monitor

4. Facilitate Accurate Patient Documentation

Because of efficient patient documentation in most hospitals, electronic medical records (EMR) are considered the industry standard to improve hospital documentation practices. A mobile computer cart can help nurses accurately update patient information without needing to go back to the central nurse’s station to note the patient’s vital signs, observation, and progress.

Check the advantages of using a mobile computer cart in patient documentation:

Avoid Documentation Error:

Because nurses and doctors can access patient data immediately using mobile workstations, they won’t forget to note any important information about the patient, such as observed signs and symptoms and patient interactions. Hence, avoiding documentation errors.

Avoid Facing Legal Issues:

Medical documents are also legal documents. They can be used in investigations should there be cases of medical malpractice or negligence. Keeping an accurate record of patient data can help protect the staff and the hospital from any legal case that may arise.

Safeguard Patient Data:

Because mobile workstations have security features, unauthorized people cannot access patient data. Only authorized healthcare workers have the login credentials to use and see patient information. Thus, promoting strict patient confidentiality. 


5. Helps Decrease Operating Expenses

The operating expenses in healthcare facilities also include energy costs. And using mobile computer carts can help decrease operating expenses in hospitals and medical centers. Upgrade your medical carts to powerful mobile workstation carts with longer-lasting batteries, serving your healthcare facility for years. 

Each cart has multiple batteries specially designed to last even on an extended shift. Staff can check battery status via the indicator fast and easily. Charging is energy-efficient because a powered mobile computer cart typically charges in only two-and-a-half hours.


Using a mobile computer cart is highly beneficial for healthcare workers and patients. A mobile workstation cart promotes workflow efficiency to improve patient care. Also, using a mobile computer station helps improve productivity, saving time and effort traveling back to the central nurse’s station to obtain key patient information. 

Mobile computer carts help avoid patient documentation errors and safeguard patient data and privacy. In addition, it helps decrease operating expenses because this equipment is powered by long-lasting batteries.