5 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

marijuana leaves

Medical marijuana has several health benefits. With its legalization after the Farm Bill and increasing acceptance regarding its usage for different medicinal and recreational purposes, the cannabis market is emerging as a developing industry. With time, its potential in the modern medicine world is starting to shine. Even though the use of marijuana for recreational purposes remains to be controversial to a great extent, it’s impossible to run away from the increasing evidence in favor of its medicinal benefits.

One cannot deny any longer that marijuana is effective in providing relief to many people who suffer from several medical problems. As a result, medical marijuana dispensaries across the state are becoming very popular.

As only approximately 6% of the scientific studies about marijuana have been focused on its medical benefits, there is indeed a lot of room for research. There is a lot to be discovered.

Marijuana contains two profound chemical compounds among many others. These are believed to be the main source of its medicinal properties. These include cannabidiol i.e. CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC.

CBD is a chemical compound that has great effects on the brain but it does not lead to the “high” feeling after consumption. While THC does cause the “high” effect on consumption, it has a great number of pain-relieving and other medical properties. It’s because of these two chemicals that many states have started to consider legalizing the use of marijuana in the medical industry. There are many online and offline stores where you can purchase marijuana easily and legally.

We have compiled a list of 5 main medical benefits of consuming marijuana that everyone should know about. Keep reading to find them out.

1. Marijuana can be used to treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious health condition that leads to increased pressure on the eyeball. This condition can cause damage to the optic nerve. It can even lead to loss of vision. Consumption of marijuana can help in relieving the increased pressure and even reduce it. People who have glaucoma as well as those having normal eye pressure have shown significant signs of reducing eye pressure after using marijuana.

2. Marijuana can control epileptic seizures

Different medical studies show that marijuana consumption can effectively control epileptic seizures to a great extent.  THC binds to the brain cells that are responsible for regulating relaxation. In people who are epileptic, this compound has proven to be effective in controlling seizures through this process.

 3. Marijuana may stop cancer from spreading

Medicinal marijuana consumption can even stop cancer from spreading in the body. Cannabidiol is one of the different chemical compounds found in marijuana. This compound can turn off the Id-1 gene in the body. It has been found in different researches that cancer cells tend to make copies of this gene in the body. As a result, it helps in fighting cancer spreading by reducing how fast the cancer cells multiply. The Id-1 genes are treated by the researchers with CBD. They found that they had significantly reduced the rate at which the gene spread.

4. Marijuana can reduce anxiety

The people who consume marijuana report that with its consumption they feel a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression they experience. The consumption of marijuana for medical purposes can be done to provide relief and comfort during times of high stress and anxiety. It is often used to relieve pain and suppress nausea during chemotherapy. It’s also used for providing relief from anxiety. In low doses, it can be a great help to people experiencing such issues but it’s highly advised to be cautious in consumption. The dosage should be low as in high dosage might be harmful in long run. So be careful while consuming.

5. Marijuana eases pain in multiple sclerosis patients

Multiple sclerosis is a painful condition that can cause a great deal of discomfort. Marijuana has certain pain-reducing properties that can help eliminate such pain. Several multiple sclerosis patients try prescription medicines for pain relief but don’t see much effect. So they should try marijuana for pain relief as it can be of help. Marijuana has THC that binds the receptors in nerves and muscles in our body.

So one can use marijuana for its medical benefits to see the positive results.