4 Top benefits of CBD Skincare Products


In today’s world, cannabidiol (CBD) is used almost everywhere, ranging from gummies, chocolates, matcha tea, and cocktails to clothing. Its use has also seen tremendous growth in the beauty and skincare industry, where it’s used in many products, including serums, creams, sunscreens, cleansers and chapsticks. Statistics show that the CBD cosmetic market is projected to grow to $1.7 billion from the current $580 million in the next 3 years.

CBD is extracted from hemp or marijuana plants and is a non-intoxicating component. Some people have had fears that CBD skincare products would make them high because they contain some marijuana components. However, this isn’t true since CBD skincare products don’t have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, which has been proven to have some mind-altering properties.

Importance of CBD Skincare Products

Since there are no laws restricting the use of CBD in skincare products, the safety concerns about the whole thing shouldn’t limit people from using the products to solve different skin problems. Most CBD skincare products have varied strengths of CBD, which makes their use different. Some skincare products are applied directly on the skin, others under the tongue, whereas others are combined with lotions and creams to work effectively. Below are the top benefits of CBD skincare products:

1. Reduces wrinkles and aging signs

CBD oil has many antioxidants that help in reducing wrinkles and aging signs. These antioxidants in CBD oil counteract the damage of free radicals. This is why CBD face cream helps people deal with ruddy skin tone, skin dullness, and wrinkles. Oxidative stress is another common cause of aging. CBD helps manage this oxidative stress that results from the imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body. When these antioxidants are less than free radicals, oxidative damage occurs, resulting in skin inflammation and aging. These antioxidants need to work in unison to ensure they eliminate oxidative stress to promote healing and reduce other skin problems.

2. Helps deal with acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition which results from the blockage of pores by sebum, dead skin cells, hair and bacteria. If you have acne-prone skin, you’ll always be uncomfortable. Using CBD skincare products will help reduce breakouts and calm and soothe your skin. Research shows that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help deal with acne. Again, many recent studies show that CBD oil plays a significant role in reducing sebum production. Excess sebum production is a leading cause of skin acne. CBD oil also has some antifungal and antibacterial properties, which help deal with infections resulting in acne.

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3. Prevents skin infections

Skin infections mainly arise due to poor hygiene and increased moisture, making it easier to attract fungi, bacteria, and parasites. All these cause skin infections in varying magnitudes. Most fungal infections on the skin do not pose any serious danger but make the skin appear dull. Studies show that CBD oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help deal with various skin infections. CBD contains cannabichromene and cannabigerol, which promote an antifungal known as caryophyllene oxide. CBD oil also inhibits Staphylococcus aureus growth, which has been proven to bring skin infections.

4. Helps reduce skin dryness and itching

CBD play a crucial role in dealing with skin dryness and itching. Studies show that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema triggers. All skin cells require enough water to ensure the skin stays hydrated always. Lack of enough water in the skin makes it dry, flaky and tight. Dry skin won’t even have the ability to keep dangerous substances away. In addition to using CBD skincare products, experts also recommend drinking a lot of water. CBD oil will also prevent skin itching among people with sensitive skin by reducing reactivity and redness.

To Conclude

In conclusion, these are the top benefits of CBD oil for skincare. It’s essential to understand how to choose the right CBD beauty and skincare products. First, ensure you see ‘cannabidiol’ in the ingredient list. Secondly, ask the brand for CBD purity certification and lastly, check the CBD amount used on the product to get effective results. If you have sensitive skin, it’s advisable to visit a dermatologist before using any CBD beauty or skincare product.