4 reasons to appreciate getting older

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The thought of getting older scares most of us. It shouldn’t – getting older is a fact of life. But fearing getting older means accepting weakness. We dread becoming irrelevant, being a burden or going into care homes (relative had a fall in a care home? See this Forest View falls lawyer). And that’s without mentioning the physical differences. Our bodies are no longer at their physical peak; we wake up to grey hairs, aching joints and wrinkled faces we barely recognize.

But that’s just one side of the story. It’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, for some, their older years are the happiest of their lives. Here’s why you should appreciate getting older. 


For many, retirement is a happy stage of life that allows for new hobbies. No longer working allows you to focus on different areas of life that you couldn’t before. Always wanted to try gardening, yoga or arts and crafts? Well, now you can. You might even want to do some relaxed voluntary work. There are many benefits of taking up new hobbies. Research has found that some hobbies keep the brain active, reducing the possibility of dementia, whereas more physically involved hobbies can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. So, while you might not love your grey hairs, you’ll love the hat you can make to put on them when you retire and taking up knitting! 

Hormonal changes

While some women dread the menopause and think it proves that they’re no longer desirable, many women feel much more peaceful after their body has been through these hormonal changes. While hot flushes and restless nights can be stressful, an end to monthly periods and the pain that accompanies them can be a huge relief. Many older women find that they see life differently after the menopause and enter a new chapter.

It is pretty problematic at times to age because the body starts deteriorating slowly and many bodily functions become sluggish. However, modern medicine has advanced to such a level that many people can take advantage and learn about age management medicines to live a quality life well into their old age.

New beginnings 

While becoming older closes some chapters, it might also open some new ones. Many older people enjoy going travelling, for example, or might move to a smaller home now that their children have grown up. Alternatively, aging might mean that you have grandchildren to look after. Many people appreciate starting fresh as a grandparent, as it gives them a chance to teach their children how to be good parents, and perhaps reflect on their own parenting methods. 


One of the best things about aging is that it finally gives you a chance to slow down and relax. The world of work can be relentless, and most of us don’t relax as much as we should. So, enjoy the grey hairs, wrinkles and aches. They’re telling you that the time has come to take it easy.